Photographer Was Able To Capture The Beauty Of Children With Down Syndrome In A Special Way

Date December 29, 2017

Some call it a birth defect: WRONG. Suffering from an illness at birth isn't a defect, not even using the meaning of an abnormality. The way we name things in life is closely related to the way in which we see the world.

If we think that a baby born with Down syndrome is defective, we see them as being outside the norm, not fitting in with our own parameters of what is a healthy life, or our standards of beauty, and especially not what is considered a successful man or woman. When we categorize like this we tend to see the boy or girl as missing something. That which he or she lacks are the same attributes that make us normal people. This doesn't mean that if a child has Down syndrome we can't see them as different. Of course they are. But their difference can't be an argument to support a vision which discriminates because of their disability.

To continue to change our way of looking at the universe of children with Down syndrome, photographer Julie Wilson has been working on a series. This project aims to act directly on peoples' own perception and conscience. For that, Julie starts destroying the concept of beauty and shows us the tender and graceful spirit of small children with Down syndrome. Julie uses the portrait, the oldest kind of photography, to unveil the essence of the subject behind the lens. We have chosen a selection of her work for you to appreciate the beauty and composure of these little ones. Let's hope her work makes a real difference on society.










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