Boyfriend Rejected Her On The Kiss Cam, But The Girl Decided To Kiss Anyway


January 9, 2019 18:30 By Fabiosa

The "Kiss Cam" is one of the most anticipated moments during half time at games. As well as capturing loving couples giving each other romantic kisses, occasionally it gives us funny moments, like the lesson this woman in the video gave to her boyfriend. The kiss cam works simply: if you spot yourself on the big screen, you just have to kiss the person sitting next to you. However, sometimes everything goes wrong. This story happened during this basketball game at the Philips Arena.

Boyfriend Rejected Her On The Kiss Cam, But The Girl Decided To Kiss Anyway
Atlanta Hawks / YouTube

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At a basketball game, they decided to do a tribute to the Disney film, "Beauty and the Beast", with the soundtrack playing in the background. At first, they show several couples of all ages and ethnicities, giving sweet, romantic kisses, until the camera fixed on a special couple. 

The man makes an indifferent gesture and, instead of kissing his girlfriend, prefers to have a sip of his drink. But she doesn't freeze with the desire to retaliate. She turns to the man sitting on the other side of her, who is more than happy to give her a kiss. 

Atlanta Hawks / YouTube

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Here is the whole story. The video was uploaded on YouTube by the Atlanta Hawks, and it quickly amassed several million views.

The funniest thing is her boyfriend's reaction. Next time, he'll think again before rejecting her. And moreover, the reaction of the women in the row in front is priceless. It is better to comply with the rule of kiss cam otherwise you are in an awkward situation. And what do you think? Share this hilarious video with your friends and family. 

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