7 Ways To Spot Woman's Real Age Visually

Date February 8, 2018

Anility is not only wrinkles. Even if you try to take care of your facial skin, visit a beautician, lead healthy way of life, an experienced eye will still notice the indicators that clearly say how old you are!

1. Ear lobe and antilobium


Antilobium is the protruding gristle in the middle of the ear in the inner side. With age, ear lobes deform, especially if in young age a woman liked to wear heavy earrings. Because of this nuance, the total appearance loses freshness. Antilobium also loses tone and looks flabby.

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2. Lips' smooth philtrum


This is the relief between the upper lip and the nose. In the youth, this part of lips is very elastic and looks clear-cut, but with time, it disappears. Sometimes, philtrum evens and becomes flat.

3. Flat forehead


Many get wrinkles on forehead, and very often beauticians remove them with the help of fillers and botox. However, very often, such procedures evoke atrophy of subcutaneous fat layer. The forehead really becomes smooth, but loses volume and looks flat.

4. Eyebrow ridges


With ageing, eyebrows start to "crawl over" the eyes, and the facial expression becomes sadder and gloomy.

5. Neck


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Neck is the real passport of a woman: tender skin deprived of the essential layer of fat. It is very thin and quickly "goes down" with age.

6. Hands


Hands are also the marker of ageing. They can make a strong contrast to the young-looking face. Besides, this zone is the hardest to correct. There is almost no subcutaneous fat in hands, that's why with time veins start to be clearly seen, and skin ruckles faster than it does on the face.

7. Face angle


Here are included the so-called "jowls," the double chin, and the loss of the angle of jaw. To improve the situation, cosmetologists advise to refer to the facebuilding - the trainings that involve facial and jaw muscles, and the sooner the better.

But the most important thing is to remember that your age is inside, not outside of you, and being a noble old lady is better than being an elderly girl.

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