Groom Surprises His Guests With Amazing Michael Jackson Style Wedding Dance, And His Wife Joins Him

Date March 7, 2018

Most people want their wedding to become a really memorable event not only for their newborn family, but also for all the guests. So they spend hours and days thinking of possible scenarios that can surprise and impress guests and, at the same time, leave some time for the newlyweds to enjoy themselves too.


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This groom, Jeff Loehrke, decided to surprise the guests with a very unusual wedding dance. He and his bridal party made a show which left people speechless. At first, it looked like the bride knew nothing, and that it was a surprise for her too. But halfway through the dance, she appeared next to her husband, and they continued the dance together. That was just amazing!

Luckily, we have a chance to watch the video from that wedding. Enjoy it!

Was your wedding dance the same impressive? Which dance style did you choose?

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Michael Jackson Style