Butterfly Yoga Pose And Its Benefits

Date January 18, 2018

Pinched sciatic nerve, or sciatica, causes severe pain in the back and posterior surface of the thigh. This disease is most frequent in patients aged 35-50 years old. But one useful exercise can prevent this pain. It is called "butterfly," and here are some benefits of doing this exercise:



Sciatic nerve is one of the largest and most important nerves in our body. It begins in the lower spine and goes down the thigh, the knee, and the shin to the foot. Its branches innervating the toes.

Sciatica begins with discomfort and light pain in lumbosacral area, and fatigue and ache in the legs. Gradually, the pain increases, and it can spread all over the posterior surface of the whole leg. Sciatica can be crippling when untreated.


Medical attendance in early stages of sciatica is necessary to prevent the development of disease. But before you see a doctor, butterfly pose can relieve and even kill the pain.



  1. Sit down on the floor, stretch your legs in front of you.
  2. Join your soles and heels, move the heels as close to your pelvis as possible.
  3. Put your thighs down, touch the floor with your knees.
  4. Stay in this position for 30-60 second. Breathe evenly. Increase the time of exercise gradually.

Butterfly pose, or Baddha Konasana, is considered by Yogis to be the most beneficial for women. It tonifies kidneys, treats urogenital conditions, prevents the development of spinal disc herniation and radiculitis. It also relieves labor, prevents varicosis, fortifies womb and urinary bladder.

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If you do this simple exercise regularly, pain and discomfort will go away. Take care!

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