5 Most "Expensive" Zodiac Signs That Have A Flawless Style

Date May 20, 2019

It's impossible for everyone to have perfect taste, but there are women with a natural gift. They can determine if there's something worthy in the shop on the fly and they know for sure what looks good on them. They are the ones who buy up fashion magazines, give their friends advice on how and what to combine – and people listen to them. It's hard for men to afford such fashionistas, but, as a rule, they are often quite well-off and know how to ensure themselves a posh life. So who are they, the biggest shopaholics with the most expensive taste?

1. Taurus

Everything Tauruses love so much – exquisite food, jewelry, furniture, expensive fabrics – costs a lot. They are, in a way, victims of their sense of beauty. That's why they gladly accept good gifts. And if you are planning to give this zodiac sign a present, don't even think about picking some trinket or a badly tailored piece of clothing. They will consider this a personal insult, even if they don't show it directly.

2. Leo

Fashion sales lover and regular customer, Leo will never let herself wear some cheapie. A perfect day out for a Leo-girl is spending time with her friends in fitting rooms of the most expensive stores when her wallet is busting at the seams from the abundance of discount cards. By the way, they're also great bargainers.

5 Most "Expensive" Zodiac Signs That Have A Flawless Style5 Most "Expensive" Zodiac Signs That Have A Flawless StyleOllyy /

3. Libra

Libra people know a good thing when they see one and will never go past, let's say, good quality handmade products. Such a girl won't shy away from looking for a good thing in a thrift shop or buying it from another person, be it clothes or furniture. They surround themselves with beautiful things from childhood and it makes them really happy when these things wear well and please the eye.

5 Most "Expensive" Zodiac Signs That Have A Flawless Style5 Most "Expensive" Zodiac Signs That Have A Flawless StyleNatalia Hubbert /

4. Capricorn

Capricorns are cost-conscious and they will never pay an extra dime for some off-the-shelf stuff. They are ready to save money for something they really want to get and run around the whole city in search of that one particular thing. Capricorns are the ones who order a single item on eBay and wait for the delivery for months because they really need that damn cardigan. On the plus side, they are overjoyed when the desired item is finally in their hands.

5 Most "Expensive" Zodiac Signs That Have A Flawless Style5 Most "Expensive" Zodiac Signs That Have A Flawless Stylecapricorn woman

5. Aquarius

If someone never lets a cool new product go by, it's Aquarius. She has an exotic and very selective taste in clothes, food, and travels. But she's even more picky about her technology and she is not willing to wait to get that all! She has every kind of gadgetry in her bag – only the latest phones and devices. Apart from this, an Aquarius-girl really appreciates top-class places with royal service.

Are you one of the listed zodiac signs? Do you like pricey branded items?

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