Self-Taught Artist Creates Realistic Portraits Using A Ballpoint Pen

Date November 27, 2018 10:09

Ling Jun Deng, a 17-year-old from China, proves that the creation of masterpieces doesn't necessarily require expensive drawing media. The student uses a regular ballpoint pen, but his artworks are so realistic that it seems they are about to come alive and move. It is hard to believe they were created with such a simple tool, by a young man with little experience.

People from all over the world viewing Ling's works online are impressed by his talent and wondering where the young man has learned drawing with such attention to detail.

Ling didn't have any special education or professional training. He is completely self-taught, but the highly detailed pieces seem even more impressive because of that.

Ling mostly portrays elderly people.

It takes the young artist about 100 hours to create one of such masterpieces. Some smaller projects require about 40 hours.

Ling says he began drawing with pencils when he was in the elementary school, but started using a ballpoint pen for drawing only in 2014. He spent 95 hours creating his first artwork with a ballpoint pen.

His remarkable talent and determination are very likely to bring him popularity and a bright future. We can help him with that by sharing this and introducing more people to his art.

Source: Einfachschoen

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