The Other Halves Of Famous Film Directors


November 21, 2017 09:42 By Fabiosa

It is a known fact that people who are somehow related to art need inspiration. Undoubtedly, harmonious relationships with close people can greatly contribute to the activity of artistic people. Artists, musicians, and even film directors need inspiration to create masterpieces. Directors can't do without inspiration because they constantly need to make up new stories, plots and characters.

Sometimes people don't even care to find out who the director of their favorite movie. Most probably most people don't even know the names of famous directors' life partners. Today we suggest that you finally find out who inspire famous and talented directors.

1. Lars von Trier and Bente Frøge


The director of the acclaimed films "Antichrist", "Nymphomaniac" and "Melancholy" was married to Cecilia Holbeck from 1987 to 1995. The latter is a director too specialized in children's movies. In 1997, Lars got married again and has been married to Bente Frøge up to date. The couple has twin children, Ludwig and Benjamin. Does it even surprise anybody that von Trier possesses "The Palme d'Or" award? He definitely has a perfect source of inspiration!

2. Guy Ritchie and Jacqui Ainsley

Guy Ritchie was once married to Madonna. However, their marriage lasted for 7 gears and they got divorced in 2008. The couple has a son, Rocco. Shortly before their divorce, they adopted a one-year-old child.


The more time I spend with Rocco, the more I want to make a film for children.


After being in a 5-year relationship, Guy Ritchie and Jacqui Ainsley got married in 2015. The couple has three children: Rafael (2011), Rivka (2012) and Levi (2014).

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3. Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Lawrence


The couple met when shooting the movie "Mother!" In September 2016, they started a relationship, which lasts till today. It should be noted that Lawrence played a very hard psychological role for the movie. Influenced by Lawrence's talent and their mutual inspiration, the director, fell in love with the actress.

4. Quentin Tarantino and his inspiration


Interestingly, Tarantino has never been married. His status can probably be explained by the fact that the director gets inspiration from loneliness or fleeting love affairs. There was a time when his muse was Uma Thurman. However, the director denied rumors about their love affair assuring that it was only a platonic connection.

I do not claim that I will never get married or will never have children until I am 60. However, so far I have made this choice and will go along my way since this is my time to make films.

5. Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw


The actress became the second wife of the famous director. The couple got married in 1991, and they raise six children (three of them adopted one). Besides, Stephen has one more son from his first marriage. The father of so many children! He probably gets inspiration from his children. Maybe this is why he continues to shoot beautiful films even in his 70s.

6. Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas


Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas have been married since 1997. They both inspire each other. Emma is always the producer of Christopher's films. The couple raise four children. A great family indeed!

Creative people may have different sources of inspiration or different muses. While somebody gets inspiration from a strong and big family, somebody else is inspired by silence and seclusion. The important thing is to make sure they get some real inspiration to come up with great ideas!

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