Mom And Two Daughters Take Photos In Matching Outfits And Share Adorable Pictures

Date November 17, 2017 14:12

For many, Instagram has become a convenient alternative to a family photo book. Whether you like this or not, or maybe prefer to believe that social media will chip away at family traditions and quality time — there are examples proving this kind of generalization to be wrong. Can Instagram really strengthen the bond between family members and help them set up new traditions? Dominique Davis proves that this is possible.

One day, Dominique Davis and her daughters, 11-year-old Amelia and 4-year-old Penny, had unintentionally dressed alike and decided to continue doing it for fun. Most girls love to dress like their mom, and cute "mini-me" photos are nothing new. However, what Davis and her daughters are doing is different. The three dressing in matching outfits and sharing their photos on Instagram is what they do every weekend — it became their new family tradition.

Shared by Dominique (@allthatisshe) June

Dominique, a stay-at-home mom since 2015, turned to blogging and Instagram to make life seem less of a routine. The cute tradition that started an ongoing photo series called All That Is Three was born in 2016.

Shared by Dominique (@allthatisshe) June

The best part of it is spending the time together and having fun while planning the photos and creating memories. The themes of the photos vary depending on what the three were doing during the week, and sometimes are season-specific or holiday-inspired. Another cute thing is matching their hairstyles and accessories, but the face expressions of mom and daughters often differ, which people find the most adorable.

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The ideas of the pictures are becoming more and more creative, showcasing the relationship between a mother and her daughters, and capturing the personality of each.

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The life of a stay-at-home mom has never been anything even close to easy. However, watching your children grow, change and show their individuality is the biggest delight it brings, making any sort of problems seem insignificant.

The most precious thing imaginable is watching my daughters turn into smart, carefree and funny young ladies. I am proud and amazed every day. What I love about the photos is that I get to document the girls and how they change each week. 

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Anything I say, wear, do, my daughters are quick to follow. We all imitate each other, and the girls really enjoy it.

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The photos are lots of fun to take and to look at, and they are also great inspiration for others who want to take great pictures with their children.

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