"Everlasting Youth": Three Ordinary Women Who Look Much Younger Their Age

Date November 17, 2017

The phenomenon of "everlasting youth" is found all over the world: Liu Yelin lives in China, Masako Muzutani in Japan. Many foreign and domestic stars can boast about the fact that what the mirror says and what their passport says differs by 10-15 years. Well, these beauties can join the ranks of forever-young women. Or at the very least, they look magnificent...

1. Puspa Dewi, 53

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This 50-year-old Indonesian woman doesn't just "look good for her age." It's difficult to believe that she is as old as she is. Puspa has a husband and two grown sons, but she doesn't look any older than 20 or 22. She has never had any plastic surgery; her appearance is due to genetics. Puspa herself feels that youth lives in faces that radiate happiness. Since her sons are already grown, Mrs. Dewi can enjoy getting involved in business. "People say that the older I get, the younger I look," the woman admits.

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2. Dawn Cousins, 44

This British woman admits that she doesn't feel that her beauty is an advantage. Dawn has four children, but her personal life isn't all that she would like it to be. Cousins considers that she has three problems: "too talkative, too young-looking, and too much fun." Because of this, men (both young men and those her own age) don't take her seriously, and "they all want one thing." When asked what kind of man she would like to be with, Dawn answers without compunction, "A perfect one. I want to feel like a princess every day. It is what it is. I am who I am, and I'm not going to change."

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Kimberly was born in Australia, but she now lives in Manila in the Philippines. It's hard to believe that her favorite meal is a burger and cola. Two years ago, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and within a week she was already back in action. Horan works as a stylist, and her personal blog on Facebook has 168,000 followers. It's called The Travelling Stylista, where she writes about her life and posts stylish photos. It's hard to believe she's 45 years old.

Beauty and youth do not in themselves bring happiness. They can surprise, delight, and evoke jealousy in others. But happiness comes from other things. No matter what you look like, we hope that you are, first of all, happy.

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