One Chance In A Million: African Woman Gave Birth To A Blue-Eyed, White-Skinned Boy

Date November 17, 2017

Many laws of genetics remain a mystery to scientists. However, no one doubts the fact that, because of genetic mutations, a white woman can give birth to a black baby (and vice versa!).

A few years ago in Great Britain, twins were born with different colored skin. A couple - both of whom were mixed race - had two daughters, one with dark skin and the other with light skin.

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The chances that parents will have a child with the opposite skin color than they have is one in a million, so such cases always attract the attention of both geneticists and the media.

Here is one of those cases that happened recently in Great Britain as well.

The Howarths / YouTube

Young Catherine and Richard Howarth were delighted when they found out they were having a baby boy.

Richard is a white man with reddish hair, and Catherine is a black woman originally from Nigeria. All of her relatives have even darker skin than she does, so the couple anxiously awaited the birth of a healthy, dark-skinned child.

But Richard and Catherine could never have even imagined what their baby would really look like!

Catherine was so exhausted after the long delivery at Milton Keynes Hospital that she was half asleep. But when the happy mother saw her baby for the first time, she couldn't believe her eyes!

This was Catherine's first reaction when she saw her newborn baby:

Is that really my child?

The Howarths / YouTube

The experienced midwife just laughed and said, "Yes, yes! Of course it's your baby!"

Richard, the boy's father, was present for the birth, and was no less amazed than his wife.

The father remembers the exciting moment when he saw his newborn baby:

The doctor placed Jonah on my wife's belly, so I saw him first. Then they showed him to Catherine. 

The point is that Richard has pale skin, and Catherine has dark skin, so they expected their son to be mixed. But Jonah is white! And what his more, he has bright blue eyes!

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Of course, the parents were totally delighted with their healthy, beautiful baby boy. Catherine said that she immediately fell in love with her son.

The Howarths / YouTube

"I looked at him and said 'Wow!'" she remembers. "I couldn't believe that Richard and I had made this miracle. Of course, I fell in love with him the first time I saw him!" 

Sometimes, mixed-race children are rather light-skinned when they are born, but Catherine noticed that Jonah's ears were just as white as his face and arms. And experts say that this is an accurate indicator of a person's true skin color.

To solve the mystery of Jonah's skin color, the couple consulted Dr. Emily Grossman, who specializes in genetics. It turns out that this delightful young boy inherited almost all of his characteristics from his mother. But he has his father's skin!

The Howarths / YouTube

This is what Dr. Grossman said about this amazing case:

This happens in one out of every one million births! Unlike eye color, which is determined by just one gene, skin color is determined by more than 20 different genes. So the number of variations is endless. It was completely by chance that Jonah was born with white skin." 

It seems that the Howarths are unbelievably lucky!

Catherine says that her son attracts a lot of attention when she is out walking with him. The first thing people do is ask, "Is that really your son?" 

But the proud mother handles the interest in her son beautifully and eagerly shares the details of bringing him up.

"My son likes to smile, is quite sociable, and loves attention," the young mother says. "He's so handsome, we are already thinking about taking him to a child modeling agency!" 

The amazing things that happen in the world! Everyone knows that if there was a dark-skinned ancestor in a white family's history, it's possible that children can be born with curly hair and black features. In some cases, they can even have dark skin. But this happened the other way around. Truly one chance in a million!

Source: The Howarths / YouTube

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