Fountains Of Sparkling Water Have Appeared Throughout The City Of Paris


November 24, 2017 18:22 By Fabiosa

Many young people dream of going to Paris at least once in their lives. And each has his or her own reasons: romance, the city of love, the most delicious macaroons in the world, Montmartre, secondhand shops near Notre Dame, parks, and stunning architecture. Now one more reason has been added.

The city authorities decided to install fountains with sparkling water throughout the city! According to Anne le Strat, head of the Paris water board, this idea came to her after talking with ordinary people:

Many told me that they would be happy to drink city-supplied water if it were sparkling. Now they have no reason not to do so.

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The pilot project for installing fountains with sparkling water was launched back in 2010, but at that time the authorities were just testing it. Now, seven years later, both tourists and Parisians themselves are accustomed to this innovation and enjoy the free sparkling water from fountains they call "La Petillante." There are currently a total of about eight fountains but the city is going to expand the project and provide at least one fountain in each of the 20 arrondissements.

The way "La Petillante" fountain works is quite simple: ordinary city water is supplied to it, which then passes through a carbonator installed inside the fountain. The whole process takes place at a temperature of 111.2 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows the water to retain its pleasant, fresh, and effervescent taste.

Parisians say that it's convenient and very nice to have such tasty water always available. Whatever you might say, and no matter how old we are, we are all still children!

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