Two Peas In A Pod: The Guy Who Looks Exactly Like The Legendary Michael Jackson

Date December 14, 2017 15:29

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, was and remains the idol of millions of people. The name of the legendary singer has become part of world history and culture. He's adored by some and condemned by others but nobody would ever dare to belittle his talent.

For over 30 years, Michael Jackson was a real legend, and even death was unable to end his story. Today, 8 years after his death, the King of Pop is as popular as ever.

The idea of official impersonators is quite common in the world of show business. Meet Sergio Cortés, a professional Michael Jackson impersonator from Barcelona. Sergio, who has Mexican roots, has been interested in singing and dancing since childhood.

Like most children and young people of the 80s, Sergio was a Michael Jackson fan. At some point, he even started imitating the King of Pop. He soon became very popular with his peers, as he could perfectly imitate Jackson's movements and looked exactly like the King of Pop. He didn't know, however, that this would become his start in showbiz.

Sergio became known to the world in 1987 when he was discovered by Jackson's creative team working on the promotion of the first flavor released under the brand Michael Jackson. Sergio received the official status of Michael Jackson's impersonator in 1994 when the star was celebrating his own wedding with Lisa Maria Presley. The task of young Sergio was to pose for photographers from time to time to keep Jackson away from all the hassle.

Of course, Cortés still needs makeup for a full reincarnation. However, his resemblance to Jackson blows people's minds even without makeup.

Today Sergio is 46. He works on large-scale solo show paying tribute to his idol. His magnificent movements and amazing ability to perfectly imitate Jackson's voice, together with mind blowing special effects, give every Jackson fan the chance to plunge into his world and see another "concert" of the late singer.

It should be noted that despite the popularity of Sergio's show, it became world-famous not that long ago. Lourdes Zavaleta, a young American girl, decided to joke with her subscribers and posted a photo of "her boyfriend". She had no idea whose photo she had actually unintentionally chosen. The photo caused real resonance among Internet users.

Sergio's photo caused a lot of rumors! Some people were even sure that Jackson was alive! Other fans of the legendary singer believed that Jackson had a twin brother or even a son who looked exactly the same as his father. Fortunately, Sergio, who himself thought that the girl's joke was absolutely inappropriate, rushed to make clarifications.

Nevertheless, an impersonator, even as talented as Sergio, can never fully replace the idol who died at the age of 50 in 2009.

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