Tabria Majors, A Plus-Size Model Who Might Challenge The Beauty Standards Of Victoria's Secret

Date December 22, 2017

Most people believe that only standard size models can pose for lingerie adverts. As if the rest of the world can live without bras and panties! Tabria Majors is a plus-size model who was able to break the standards of Victoria Secret's adverts.

For example, not a single one of the models for Victoria's Secret was plus-size. This did not escape Tabria's attention and she decided to show the world that curvy girls can rock the fashion world just as well as standard size models.

Tabria adheres to the Body Positive philosophy. Looking at the girl's smooth radiant skin, thick hair and burning eyes, you can't but admit that she is a real beauty, although she is far from the modern standards of an ideal female body.

Although Miss Majors sought neither fame nor popularity, her photographs spread over internet. Her only desire was to prove to the world that curvy models can adorn the covers of any lingerie brand.

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