House Which Takes Only 6 Hours To Build And Costs As Much As A One-Room Flat

Date December 11, 2017

Each of you has probably thought how cool it would be to live in a house in the countryside; to have a forest, a river and your own farm nearby. What beauty...But every so often such a luxury is far too expensive. Besides, the building process itself would last years.

Italian company M.A.Di. have created a wonderful solution for those who want to turn their dream into reality. The creators of the company have designed a house that can be built on any flat surface in just 6 hours and which will cost you $33,000. And the price includes interior decoration! The most difficult decision is deciding on the design. A tempting offer, isn't it?

M.A.Di. looks like a regular house, but its interior is full of contrasts to the word 'simple'.

Despite its size, each house consists of two floors. The bathroom, the kitchen, and the living-room are located on the first floor and the bedrooms are on the second floor.

The house can be between 88-230 ft² in size. The company connects the house to electricity and water pipes and installs heating and ventilation systems. On top of all this, the houses are environmentally friendly.

The walls are wrapped up in slag wool and polyurethane foam, which ensures the walls are well insulated.

Such a house doesn't need a foundation. Professional architects have thought of all the details!

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Architect Renato Vidal claims that the house is absolutely safe for people. It can even withstand an earthquake.

If you suddenly decide that your folding house has become too small, you can expand it at any moment. You simply have to purchase an additional module. And in case you want to move, you can fold the house and take it with you. It sounds as if a 'Lego' construction is being folded instead of a real house.

Are you interested in watching how the house is folded? Then go ahead and click 'play' on the video under the article.

This house is a dream for those who are still in search of an ideal home. You can have anything in it! Would you like to buy such a house?

Source: Madihome, MADI social / YouTube

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