9 Reasons Why One Might Need To Stop Drinking Carbonated Beverages

Date December 18, 2017

Many carbonated beverages have been dominating the world market for many decades. Thanks to competent advertising companies, carbonated beverages have earned the unbreakable love and recognition among consumers. Many people can't even imagine their day without a sweet fizzy drink. Nevertheless, not everybody knows that their favorite carbonated beverages can be very harmful to their health.

Below are 9 reasons why you might need to stop drinking carbonated beverages.

1. Increases the risk of diabetes

The high content of sugar in carbonated beverages has a strong effect on the pancreas, which is involved in the production of insulin. Sodas with sugar substitutes (in particular, aspartame) are especially harmful to the human body. Sugar substitutes deceive the human body and the insulin receptors of the cells, transforming themselves into carcinogenic compounds. Studies have shown that regular consumption of sweet soda increases the risk of developing diabetes by 25%.

2. Causes dehydration

Sweet sodas contain a large amount of caffeine, which, in turn, has a pronounced diuretic effect and leads to the elimination of fluid from the body. Dehydration of cells reduces their ability to absorb nutrients.

3. Leads to kidney decline

According to studies conducted at the Harvard Medical School, diet soda can increase the possibility of kidney decline twofold. The large quantities of orthophosphoric acid contained in sodas disrupt the normal functioning of the kidneys and lead to the formation of kidney stones.

4. May cause cancer

The unnatural caramel color of sodas is the result of a long chemical process during which sugar reacts with ammonia and sulfites. According to studies conducted on laboratory rats, the chemicals that are formed as a result of these reactions can cause cancer of the lungs, thyroid, and liver.

5. Damages tooth enamel

Orthophosphoric acid leads to the removal of calcium from bones and teeth, and the aggressive pH of the drink destroys tooth enamel.

6. Slows down metabolism

According to a great number of studies, regular consumption of sodas has a negative effect on the metabolism, which makes it difficult to lose weight and burn body fat. In addition, each new serving of a carbonated beverage increases the risk of obesity by one and a half percent.

7. Sweeteners

As already mentioned above, diet sodas contain aspartame, an artificial sweetener, which can provoke such ailments as depression, seizures, obesity, Alzheimer's disease, lupus, multiple sclerosis, attention deficit disorder, and various oncological diseases.

8. Increases the risk of obesity

Sweet carbonated drinks are very high in calories; therefore, their daily consumption can increase the risk of obesity by 60%.

9. They are addictive

Because of the high content of caffeine, sweet sodas can very quickly cause addiction in a person.

In addition, sweet sodas disrupt the hormonal status of the human body. Proceeding from this, we strongly advise you to stop consuming these harmful beverages or replace them with healthy alternatives, for example, tea or natural juices.

Source: Source: Curejoy

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