10 Most Expensive Music Videos Of All Time

Date December 14, 2017

The first music videos were filmed way before the 1980s; however, they gained widespread popularity after the TV channel MTV was launched in 1981. At that time, short music videos became a real sensation and soon won the love of viewers, while performers began investing a lot of money into their production to draw their audience's attention.

We prepared a list of the 10 most expensive music videos of all time. Have you already guessed which video topped the chart?

10. Michael Jackson — Remember the Time (1992). Budget — $2,000,000.

Most music videos from the King of Pop are almost like short films, with budgets often exceeding 1,000,000 USD. Not only did Eddie Murphy, whose career was at its peak back then, participate in the filming of the video, the costumes and special computer effects also proved to be expensive.

9. Backstreet Boys — Larger Than Life (1999). Budget — $2,100,000.

The music video for the song “Larger Than Life” significantly exceeded its initial budget allocated for the shoot. The expenses included 3D graphics and costumes for the boy band members. The director of the music video earned a considerable sum of $150,000 for only 4 days of work.

8. Celine Dion — It’s All Coming Back to Me Now (1996). Budget — $2,300,000.

The props, costumes, and computer graphics came to a handsome amount of $2,300,000 for the singer. In 1996, this was a considerable sum of money, but there is nothing you won't do for your loyal fans!

7. Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson — What’s It Gonna Be?! (1999). Budget — $2,400,000.

We have to admit that the graphics in this music video are just breathtaking. The performers had to spend considerable money to get it done. In the video, Janet Jackson and rapper Busta Rhymes take various images and forms. It should be noted that each transformation cost around $30,000. Th total amount for the special effects alone was about $100,000.

6. Mariah Carey feat. Jay-Z — Heartbreaker (1999). Budget — $2,500,000.

The single “Heartbreaker,” which was recorded in cooperation with the rapper Jay-Z, became one of the most popular songs performed by Mariah Carey. As director Brett Ratner said, he was inspired to make this music video by the films “Enter the Dragon” and “Grease”. Renting the movie theater alone cost $100,000.

5. MC Hammer — 2 Legit 2 Quit (1991). Budget — $2,500,000.

The budget for the music video "2 Legit 2 Quit" is equal to that which Mariah Carey had for her music video. But since it was filmed 8 years earlier, this video got a higher ranking in our chart. Over 15 professional athletes participated in the shooting of the music video which lasts almost 15 minutes.

4. Puff Daddy feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes — Victory (1998). Budget — $2,700,000.

The music video for “Victory” resembles a scene from a Hollywood action movie. The explosions, chases, helicopter rental, artificial rain, stunt doubles, as well as having Dennis Hopper and Danny De Vito on set, cost Puff Daddy $2,700,000.

3.  Guns N’ Roses — Estranged (1993). Budget — $4,000,000.

The ten-minute music video for "Estranged" is dedicated to the love story between the band's leader Axl Rose and his then flame Stephanie Seymour, whom the singer met during the filming of the music video "Don't Cry". Scenes with dolphins and a SWAT team cost the band $4,000,000.

2.  Madonna — Die Another Day (2002). Budget — $6,100,000.

The music video for “Die Another Day,” which is also the theme song for the James Bond movie of the same name, was produced by the Swedish studio Traktor. The video embodies the confrontation of good and evil powers personified by Madonna. The music video also includes numerous references to characters and scenes from different parts of the Bond franchise.

1. Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson — Scream (1995). Budget —$7,000,000.

Who else could top this chart if not the King of Pop himself accompanied by his sister Janet! For over 20 years, the music video for their joint single "Scream" remains the most expensive in the history of music. Since then nobody has managed to beat their record.

The budget was mainly spent on renting the set, special effects, set decorations, and props, the guitars smashed to pieces cost the Jacksons $53,000. The filming process lasted for 11 days.

It is not surprising that almost all the music videos in this list were filmed in the 90s when computer graphics and special effects cost an enormous amount of money. Which of the videos mentioned above did you remember? Looking forward to your replies in the comments!

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