Riot Of Colors: Artist From Florida Creates Amazing Sculptures From Colored Paper

Date December 18, 2017

The social network Instagram has introduced to the world a huge number of talented people whose profiles now count hundreds of thousands of followers today. One of such prodigy is Jen Stark, an artist from Florida, USA, who creates fantastic sculptures from colored paper.

Since her younger years, Jen has taken a great interest in the pop-art movement, a trend in art that uses various optical illusions. Later, the girl started to create amazing hypnotizing sculptures and images from a paper of various colors, giving it intricate forms and twisting it into tricky whirlpools.

Due to the abundance of color that Jen's work is famous for, the artist's exhibitions are especially liked by children.

It takes Jen from a couple of days to several weeks to create each multi-color masterpiece. The artist paints sculptures and compositions based on mathematical calculations, which helps to achieve consistency of the piece.

The process of cutting separate pieces of paper, which later come together into a whole picture, also requires a lot of time and diligence, but the result is worth the effort!

Stark derives inspiration from science and the world around her; for example, studying cross-sections of human tissues in anatomy books.

The psychedelic sculptures and images created by Jen cannot be compared to anything else. It is no surprise that today the artist's profile on Instagram has over 135 thousand followers, with hundreds of enthusiastic comments under the photos of each work.

Source: jenstark / Instagram

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