8 Cruel Things Parents May Want To Protect Their Kids From

Date December 10, 2017

Children are generally very sensitive to people and events, therefore, even the slightest things they encounter in childhood can affect their entire lives. Unfortunately, this influence is not always a positive one. Even a single innocent phrase can become fatal. Inappropriate behavior from adults can harm a child both physically and mentally. Below are 8 things that should be kept secret from children.

1. Other children's secrets

If Mary's mother told you a secret about Mary, you should never share her secret with your children. If your kids are friends, they can decide themselves if they want to share their secrets or not. If you spread a kid's secret, you interfere in children's affairs and act like a gossip. Don't forget that children are chatty, and there are some things you'd better keep secret.

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2. Parents' quarrels

Don't quarrel with your husband when your kids are around. They may lose respect for both you and your husband. Of course, there are no ideal relationships and quarrels are normal. However, you'd better avoid yelling and screaming. You want your children to learn to resolve conflicts peacefully, don't you?

3. Dissatisfaction with their school

Do not criticize their school when your child is around. If your kids hear you say that their school tasks are dumb, it will negatively affect their behavior and attitude towards their school and teachers.

4. Criticism behind your child's back

Do not complain to your friends or relatives about your child. Children are not foolish. They always hear and understand everything more than you might think. Your child may start thinking that nobody loves them and they are a bad kid. In some cases, they may isolate themselves from the whole world, and you will have to spend months or even years to regain your child's trust.

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5. Criticizing your own body

Avoid criticizing your own body when your child is around. This may result in your child developing an inferiority complex. For example, they may start thinking that you will stop loving them if they gain weight. This could even lead to eating disorders during adolescence.

Besides, if you humiliate yourself before the eyes of your children, you will eventually lose your authority. What else do you expect from little kids after calling yourself "fat and stupid"? You'd better do your best to serve as an example for your children.

Love yourself and your children will love you more!

6. How you dislike healthy food

Before trying to teach your child to eat right, you'd better learn it yourself! If you are eating a chocolate croissant, offering broccoli to your kids is not the best idea! You need to serve as an example to your children. They probably won't understand why you can eat anything you want while they are not allowed to.

7. Financial problems

While a lack of money for utilities and a delay in wages is a normal phenomenon for you, financial problems can cause fear and anxiety in a child who hasn't faced adult life yet. Make sure you keep your children away from those troubles.

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8. Frightening stories

Of course, it is important to warn your child against walking alone in the street or talking to strangers and especially taking things from them. However, you should avoid scaring your children with frightening stories about maniacs. Don't fill your children's life with fear and hatred.

Of course, you should be honest with your children. But don't forget that there are exceptions to any rule! If you think this list may be helpful to your family and friends, share this article with them!