Assumption: A Person Who Possibly Introduced Prince Harry To Meghan Markle


December 19, 2017 13:13 By Fabiosa

A few months have passed since Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle first appeared in public together. However, according to different sources, the couple have been together for more than a year. It is believed that the young people got acquainted during Meghan's European tour in November 2016, which she went on together with her best friend Marcus Anderson.

The young Canadian came to conquer London, replacing the landscapes of his native Toronto with London's sceneries. It's worth noting that he did it with success. His charisma and charm allowed him to quickly turn from a waiter into the director of global issues concerning membership in the Soho House network of clubs. He is the person who decides who will be included in the luxurious world of London. As they say, it was in the London branch where honorary member Prince Harry got acquainted with his beloved woman.

It's also noteworthy that up to now, it's not known how Markle got acquainted with Marcus. All we know is that they both once lived in Toronto, and Markle's fans once even thought that they were in a relationship. The actress, however, stated a few times that they were purely friends. Although this is the official version of how the future newlyweds met, it still raises doubts. For example, Marcus and Harry's connection isn't that clear as the former isn't a frequent guest in the capital of Great Britain.


One of the most exciting and highly discussed recent news events is the engagement of Harry and the American actress. Their first mutual 20-minute interview for the BBC News channel scored more than a million views. The young couple simultaneously slightly opened up the veil of mystery behind their romantic story and made an ambiguous announcement, again stirring up the imaginations of fans of the royal family.

The charming future bride of the prince casually noted that they didn't want to name the person responsible for them meeting and falling in love. It seems like nothing special. Besides, everyone would have been sure that Anderson had played the role of Cupid, except for one thing. Meghan accidentally mentioned that this mutual friend was a woman.

According to the new version, the couple met due to mutual acquaintances, fashion designer Misha Nonoo, one of Markle's best friends, and her husband Alexander Gilkes, who is a close friend of the prince.

While we are still guessing who introduced Harry and Meghan to each other, the girl is getting ready to move to London. The wedding ceremony of this beautiful couple will take place in May 2018. There is a rumor that just like during the wedding ceremony of their mother's sister Pippa, the main heroes of the celebration will be George and Charlotte. Fans of the royal family can expect the young princess to be one of the bridesmaids and her elder brother to be responsible for the wedding rings.

Time flies incredibly fast. In a few months, the 2 most important events will take place, the birth of Kate and William's third child and the wedding ceremony of Harry and Meghan. Hopefully, these beautiful couples will keep on making us happy with good news.

Source: Vanity Fair

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