Grown-Up Juliet: Claire Danes 21 Years After The Release Of The Famous Film "Romeo+Juliet"

Date December 19, 2017 12:39

More than 21 years ago (on November 1, 1996), another screen version of Shakespeare's most romantic play was released. The characters of Romeo and Juliet were brilliantly portrayed by 21-year-old Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio and 17-year-old Claire Catherine Danes.

Initially, it was planned to trust the role of Juliet to Natalie Portman. However, it turned out that Natalie was too young to star in the movie. At that time, she was only 13 years old!

As a result, the role of Juliet was performed by Claire Danes. The young girl did a perfect job in the movie!

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As it turned out later, Leo was very enthusiastic about the fact that Claire was to play the role of young Juliet. The two actors immediately liked (and maybe something more) each other.

Here's how DiCaprio recalls the moment of shooting the famous scene on the balcony:

As soon as Claire came in, I immediately realized that she was a real Juliet. Everything coincided. She just looked into my eyes and we did the scene! Without any embarrassment. She was innocent and natural.

Despite the big spark between the young actors, they eventually started to ignore each other and whatever there had been between them since they had no idea how to cope with it.

By the way, it was in the same year that Claire refused to portray the main character in "Titanic". Eventually, Kate Winslet got the role.

Claire Danes was born into the family of a computer specialist and an industrial designer. Before fully devoting herself to acting, she studied psychology at Yale University for two years.


Danes' role in "Romeo + Juliet" was far from being the start of her acting career. Before starring in the famous movie, the girl was already used to acting in different movies. However, the role of Juliet was undoubtedly one of the best for the actress!

In total, Claire's filmography includes more than 40 films. The actress performed one of her most successful roles in the TV series "Homeland", where Claire portrayed CIA officer Carrie Mathison. For her role in "Homeland", the actress received two awards at once: an Emmy and a Golden Globe.


Claire's appearance at the Costume Institute Ball in 2016 showed the world that the young Juliet had grown up and turned into a truly beautiful woman!

In everyday life, the actress likes to be funny and very "homey".

The 38-year-old actress is now married to British actor Hugh Dancy. They are raising a five-year-old son, Cyrus.

More than 20 years have passed since the day the famous film "Romeo + Juliet" was released, but Claire Danes looks as great as ever and keeps shining on the red carpet.


"A Kid Like Jake", another film in Claire Danes' filmography, will be released in 2018. The actress will portray a mother who is constantly concerned about her son's behavior. Let's wish the actress more movie roles and eternal success!

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