5 Reasons For The Fallout Of A Marriage After The Birth Of A Child

Date December 19, 2017

Of course, it might seem that the birth of a child is meant to bring happiness and peace to a family and to strengthen the relations between partners. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. After the birth of the first child, many couples make a decision to divorce. Sadly, the number of divorces after the birth of a child has increased in recent years.

This is due to the fact that before planning for a child, most future parents do not actually understand how much their life will change. Young parents have to sacrifice their comfort and time and review their priorities.

Because many people fail to do so, the result is a painful divorce. Let's discuss the main reasons for a family crisis after the birth of a baby.

1. Constant lack of sleep

Yes, it is the main problem that a new family has to face. If you are planning to have a baby, be ready to spend sleepless nights. Unfortunately, there is no way you can avoid this problem. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep under a warm blanket will become a sweet memory for you. Lack of sleep can make you irritable, forgetful, and inattentive.

Your overall well-being will worsen considerably, which may affect your relationship with your partner. The main task of the partners is to help and support each other, especially when it comes to staying awake at night.

2. Inconsistencies in the child's upbringing

Of course, you have your own opinion on the methods of raising a child. Your methods won't always coincide with your partner's approach. This is a natural phenomenon given that you both grew up in different families. You want your child to have the same values as you do. This inconsistency of views often results in disagreement, which sometimes turns into serious quarrels.

There is a very simple solution to this problem, and it is to listen, listen and once again listen to your partner. When it comes to the upbringing of a child, both parents need to express their viewpoints. Coming to a consensus is not actually that hard.

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3. Reduced sexual desire

Both partners need to understand that a decrease in libido after the birth of a child is absolutely natural. It takes a woman an average of 1-2 months to fully recover and return to her normal intimate life. In this way, a woman's hormonal system prevents the emergence of a new pregnancy too quickly.

A good understanding of the functions of the female body will help the partners overcome all the difficulties related to their sexual life. Moreover, you always have the chance to enjoy a romantic dinner together. Don't deprive your loving partner of flattering compliments and don't let love fly out of your family.

4. Lack of time to meet personal needs.

For the first months and even years after the birth of a child, you will most probably have very little or even no time to spend on your hobbies. A monotonous life and constant family problems may result in a crisis in the relationship with your partner. Don't forget that all kinds of problems are temporary and take things easier!

5. Incorrect distribution of labor.

It is not OK if one partner feels that the other doesn't spend enough time on the baby or does nothing to improve family life. You need to understand that communication is the key to mutual understanding. Talk to your partner and make things clear.

Start planning and dividing your daily duties even before the birth of the baby. If one partner changes the baby's diapers at night, the other could take responsibility for bathing the baby. It is important to support each other and equally share the family duties.

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Raising a child is undoubtedly hard labor that is fraught with an unlimited number of problems. Try to focus on the positives (after all, there are so many of them!) of family life and stay happy!

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