5 Inspiring Ways To Get Into The Christmas Mood

Date December 15, 2017 18:31

New Year is a punctual holiday. But snow and a slight frost don't really care! In November, it's the real winter, in December, it's either autumn or spring. How do we keep our moods high, after all? Covered in a white fur, the joyful city looks so harmonious with its Christmas tree decorations and Santa Clauses.

If you are one of those whose Christmas mood is weather-related, then the following tips are here to help you. Simply follow the instructions.

1. Visit a shopping center

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It will welcome you with Christmas music and bright decorations. You can find the Christmas tree by following the happy voices of children. In the meantime, enjoy the New Year's decorations. Lights, ornaments, and tinsel are there to make you burst into a festive mood.

People will help to distract you from all the negative and focus your mood on a new wave. If you are deep in heavy thoughts, then this is a unique remedy. You will notice how 'contagious' people who buy gifts and smile a lot are.

2. Watch films and listen to music

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Thanks to Hollywood, you can spend all of December watching Christmas films without repeating a single movie. Make a schedule one at a time for every evening. You know all of 'Home Alone' by heart, but you've probably never watched 'The Holiday' (2006), 'Love Actually' (2003), or 'Serendipity' (2001). They are imbued with the Christmas holiday spirit!

And when it comes to music, listen to it and sing along as well. The soundtrack to Kevin McCallister's adventures has the effect of magic pills.

3. Decorate the Christmas tree and your home

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There are no rules concerning when to decorate the Christmas tree. You can do it a week, or one or two days before the magic night. Artificial trees can be left standing for even a month. Whereas, pine and spruce branches fill the house with a coniferous scent.

Buy new garlands and ornaments. If you go to a supermarket, it will overwhelm you with its festive atmosphere. Another method is to make the decorations yourself. For example, using puff pastry.

4. Keep an Advent calendar<img

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They enhance the sense of expectation. Every day, you open up a box on the Christmas calendar and find a small surprise in it. Sweets, cosmetics, or just a wish, the 'filling' can be anything. In makeup Advent calendars, for example, you will find products in mini sizes. Today it surprises you with a mini mascara, tomorrow it will be a mini lipstick.

The challenge is to hold yourself back and not to open all the boxes at once.

5. Visit the fair

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Where can the holidays live, if not here? Take a photo of yourself by the Christmas tree, take a ride on the carousel, drink non-alcoholic mulled wine, and eat an apple covered with caramel. Of course, you will have to stand in lines, but keep in mind the effect of 'contagious' people mentioned above. Just like you, everyone is here to catch the spirit of the holiday. Maybe this is a topic to start a conversation and get to know your new acquaintances.

And don't forget that the countdown to 2018 has begun. Do your best to spend the rest of 2017 in a good mood!

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