Where Kate Middleton Worked Before Becoming A Part Of The Royal Family

Date December 15, 2017

At the mention of the name Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, there immediately appears an image of an elegant young woman with a charming smile, radiant eyes, and luxurious hair, standing next to her husband, Prince William.

Here they are at a solemn reception at the royal halls or during an official visit abroad. It could also be a private journey around the world during which they took part in a social evening with the rulers of the country. This, of course, happens if in accordance with the strict etiquette of the royal couple.

But the most pleasant images of this admirable couple are associated with simple human happiness when they appear in public with their son George and daughter Charlotte. Especially now that Kensington Palace has announced that William and Kate's small family is set to grow. The couple's third child is to be born in April 2018.

We are all happy about the news and wish Kate and the future baby health (the baby's gender is kept a secret and will only be announced after the birth).

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According to many people, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge continue to fulfill their duties as a couple. They also have their own areas of work where they act alone as representatives of the royal family.

So, in November, as soon as she overcame her toxicosis, Kate Middleton recommenced her duties and visited Hornsey Road Children's Centre in London. There she met with those under Family Action fund care.

A little earlier she invited guests to the Orangery at Kensington Palace where she had organized a charity dinner as a patroness of the Anna Freud Centre. In a word, the duchess has lots of public duties which she undertakes with honor.

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Similarly, Kate performed her duties with enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility when she didn't have a royal title. Previously, when she was just the elder daughter in the Middleton family, she worked and earned money at different companies, just like you and I. Royal historians do not really mention this period of the Duchess's life, but for most people, it's an indicator of diligence and closeness to ordinary people.

One of Kate's workplaces, founded by her parents, was Party Pieces mail company, which dealt with the transfer of goods. Kate designed catalogs, prepared commercial products and was engaged in marketing. She was the one to start 'The first birthday' project, as the company specialized in delivering gifts on memorable dates and celebrations.

Kate's excellent taste and sense of style helped her during her work at Jigsaw, the fashion label. There she was engaged in the purchasing of accessories. According to those who worked with her during that period, she was simple, sociable and never prided herself on being acquainted with Prince William.

Kate was also fond of photography and wanted to try working in this field. However, her engagement, wedding and new responsibilities changed these plans. Prince William once mentioned another of his wife's creative hobbies; coloring books.

Although now she has to take care of her two babies, she rarely even has time to have a good sleep. However, there is still a chance that one day she'll have time for her hobbies, the results of which will definitely amaze the world. All because beautiful, happy, talented people are capable of showing the world something worth admiring.

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