7 Celebrities With The Most Expensive Teeth

Date December 19, 2017

A public lifestyle obliges world stars to take proper care of their appearance so as not to become objects of criticism and ridicule. However, while it's possible to achieve a slim body with regular exercise and a balanced diet, the dream of an ideal smile makes celebrities turn to the services of dentists.

Not all celebrities are endowed with even and snow-white teeth, but if you can afford it, then there's a very simple solution to the problem.

So, here we present 7 world stars with the most expensive smiles:

1. Ben Affleck


Today, the Batman actor boasts a real 'Hollywood smile', but this was not always the case. Affleck's teeth used to be crooked and full of tremas. So as to avoid problems in his career because of this drawback, Ben spent 20,000 on bleaching and dental crowns.

2. Julia Roberts


The smile of the 'Pretty Woman' has mesmerized millions of men, however, few people know that it's the result of a talented dentist's efforts. The owner of various prestigious awards and one of the most highly paid actresses, Julia Roberts has spent quite a lot for the sake of her porcelain crowns.

3. Tom Cruise


Cruise's acting career began in the 80s, but he achieved world fame and the love of the audience through his role of Ethan Hunt in the film 'Mission: Impossible'. Although in his youth Tom had crooked teeth, he is now the proud owner of a smile worth $30, 000.

4. Hilary Duff


The star of the 'Lizzie McGuire' TV show had porcelain crowns installed back in 2005. However, their size was incorrect and many eagle-eyed critics noticed. 3 years later, Hilary changed the crowns, achieving the natural beauty of a snow-white smile.

5. George Clooney


Due to his impressive appearance, handsome Clooney has conquered many women's hearts. Still, his perfect smile was achieved due to the efforts of talented dentists who installed porcelain crowns worth 1,000 each and performed laser correction of the gums.

6. Demi Moore


The star of the films 'Ghost' and 'G.I. Jane' also owes her snow-white teeth to dentists. Demi Moore spent $12, 000 on laser bleaching and porcelain crowns' installation. The result was worth it!

7. Zac Efron


According to Zac, his smile wasn't always great. There used to be large tremas in his teeth which he corrected with the help of invisible braces and bleaching. His dentist's services cost Zac $10, 000 and as a result, now he's not embarrassed by his smile.

Even a slight defect or flaw in appearance can be a problem for an actor's career. And no wonder that world-famous stars strive for a perfect smile, rushing to the expensive services of dentists. Nevertheless, those investments are definitely worth it!

Source: Luxury LaunchesThe RichestNovate

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