5 Beautiful Actresses Of The 80s Who We Couldn't Take Our Eyes Off

Date December 25, 2017 13:46

We all have evenings when all we want to do is relax and watch a movie. In search of something good, we come across an interesting old film. And when we watch it, we realize that at that time, films were no worse than the modern ones. And the actresses who were at the peak of their popularity were real beauties.

We decided to recall 5 of the most attractive actresses of the 80s. We won't place them in order, as it's impossible to choose who's better than the rest. They are all fascinating in their own way!

1. Carré Otis

© Wild Orchid (1989) / Vision PDG

At the age of 16, Carré began modeling. Soon after that, she made her acting debut. The actress gained great fame due to the role of Emily in the film 'Wild Orchid'. Both the inner world and the appearance of the character she was embodying were very beautiful. This is what attracts the main character James, who was played by Mickey Rourke. At first, he didn't take her seriously, but soon realized that she wasn't like the girls he had relationships with before.

In 1992, Carré married her partner from the film set. However, their marriage was unhappy and didn't last long. Now, she prefers not to appear in public. Here is a photo of her taken in 2005.


2. Meg Ryan


Film directors noticed a new model of young American girl in Meg Ryan who is energetic, sensitive, and vulnerable all at once. The audience got used to seeing Meg in the roles of a romantic blonde girl, an ideal wife who attracts people with her frank and kind nature. Women worshiped her beauty and copied her style.

At the beginning of 2000, the actress underwent an unsuccessful plastic surgery. Now, it's hard to recognize the beautiful lady that she used to be. Nevertheless, the body shape of the 56-year-old celebrity is simply astounding.

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3. Brooke Shields


Gorgeous thick hair, wide eyebrows, and bottomless grey eyes... Brooke Shields began her modeling career in the middle of the 70s, when she was still a child. The young lady became the youngest model in history. After that, she also appeared on the screen with the role of Emmeline in the film 'The Blue Lagoon'. After this film, Brooke was called the new sex symbol of cinema. Celebrity was invited to commercial shootings so often that she was soon considered to be 'the face of the 80s'.

This is how she looks in 2017.


4. Kim Basinger

© Mother Lode (1982) / Agamemnon Films

When recalling the beauties of the 80s, we can't skip Kim Basinger. It was at that very time when the film '9 ½ Weeks' was released, after which she was honored as the sex symbol of American cinema. The sensuality of her character couldn't leave the audience indifferent. By the way, her partner on the film set was Mickey Rourke, ex-husband of Carré Otis.

Years have passed, but Kim Basinger hasn't lost her beauty. Still, she decided to undergo plastic surgery. Most of her fans think that cosmetic surgery didn't work well for her.


5. Isabella Rossellini

© Tough Guys Don't Dance (1987) / Golan-Globus Productions

Isabella was born into an acting family and followed in the footsteps of her parents. She achieved popularity due to the film 'Blue Velvet'. The second film that consolidated her success was 'Death Becomes Her', where the actress played the role of the glamorous character who owned the elixir of life.

Many famous people admired her. Among them were Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Gary Oldman and others.

Rossellini frequently appeared on the covers of popular magazines and was the commercial face of cosmetic brands.


All those women created a furore in the 80s; women tried to copy their style, and their fans re-watched their films dozens of times. Who would you add to this list? Share your opinions in the comments!

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