Meghan Markle Has Every Chance Of Becoming The Second Diana

Date February 2, 2018 19:01

Prince Harry's fiancee is persistently gaining the sympathy of the British people and apparently has managed to quickly achieve that which Kate Middleton hasn't for several years. To be more exact, she has given the people hope that the Princess of Wales may return.


At first, conservative British people had a prejudiced attitude towards the chosen one of the young prince. However, her first official visit to Nottingham as a representative of the royal family broke the ice immediately. On December 1, World AIDS Day, the young couple visited a charity fair in Nottingham. Almost immediately, the people around noted that Prince Harry's future wife was very natural and friendly.


Moreover, she seemed so at ease, as if she had lived all her life with a royal status. It was apparent that Meghan Markle not only fully understood her role beside Harry, but had also gotten used to it. She smiled, shook hands, talked to people, and played with little children. One of the women standing there had cold hands, and Meghan tried to warm them up in her coat pocket.


Just a couple of hours after Harry and Meghan's arrival at the city, the whole of Nottingham was fascinated by Miss Markle. Someone from the crowd even told her:

Diana would have liked you.

Comparing Kate and Meghan (which people will do often now), one understands that they are completely different. The prince's bride is much closer to the ideal of Diana than the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate is a clever, strong-willed woman, capable of withstanding trials and following rules. However, she lacks the natural charisma that her late mother-in-law had, and that is now noticeable in her future sister-in-law.


Nevertheless, Diana's fate doesn't threaten her. Firstly, Meghan and Harry truly love each other, which their body language proves. They pat each other on the shoulder and back, hold hands, and their eyes sparkle with fascination with each other.

Secondly, Harry doesn't strive to pull all the attention of people and the press to himself, which distinguishes him from his father.

And thirdly, he remembers and loves his mother, that's why if Meghan adopts the image of 'the queen of hearts', it will be the most precious compliment and proof of her love towards him.

Source: Marie Claire

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