Dita Von Teese: The Impersonation Of Beauty And Femininity

Date January 17, 2018 17:32

Did you know that the queen of pin-up, Dita von Teese, turned 45 on September 28, 2017? The brilliant model, singer, and dancer is simultaneously known as a burlesque artist and the ex-wife of rocker Marilyn Manson. She has successfully turned the elegant and feminine style of the 50s - a mix of Dior's "new look" and "pin-up" - into her business card.

Dita von Teese was born as Heather Renée Sweet. The girl who was a natural blonde once dyed her hair black and has been a brunette ever since. Surprisingly, the idol of millions was once an awkward and shy girl. But her life changed completely when she was invited to dance at a nightclub, where Heather eventually realized her feminine attractiveness and learned to turn her flaws into virtues!

Dita von Teese's look

  1. Dark hair. The queen of burlesque does not use salon services and dyes her hair herself. By the way, her hair dye costs only $10.
  2. Snow-white skin. The porcelain tone of Dita's face is the result of scrupulous care. The actress carefully protects herself from the sun. When she leaves the house, she generously applies sunscreen with SPF 50 to all the exposed areas of her body.
  3. Makeup. Dita does her makeup herself too. In everyday life, she prefers a minimal retro look: scarlet lipstick and arrows. Over many years of practice, she has learned to do her hair in only 12 minutes.
  4. Body shape. Dita von Teese is a lover of corsets. Last year, she ironically responded to the Kardashian sisters' innovation of "sports corsets". Modern corsets have nothing to do with the ones ladies used back in the 19th century. In addition to helping women create an ideal body shape, they are quite comfortable to wear!

I will never let my husband see me dying my hair. Of course, this does not concern my ex-husband since I used to dye both of our hair. In all other cases, these rituals should be a woman's secret!

"You are wondering if I am afraid of getting old. Yes, we are all afraid."

Dita frankly confesses that she is willing to delay the inexorable passage of time for as long as possible. At the same time, the celebrity believes that years do not really age a woman. What really matters is how a woman feels! Her exquisite style, self-confidence, and favorite perfume, Quelques Fleurs from Houbigant, help her stay forever young. Dita von Teese has been using this powdery old-school fragrance for 31 years.

I believe a woman must wear beautiful underwear every day. It is a simple way of bringing beauty into everyday life.

In our times when the world lacks elegance, beauty, and femininity, Dita von Teese and her style deserve admiration and respect! Does it even surprise anybody that the images of Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Rita Hayworth are still admired by millions of people around the world? By the way, people constantly accuse Dita von Teese of opposing herself to the ideas of feminism. Really? 80% of people at her concerts are women! Doesn't that mean anything?

Source: ditavonteese / Instagram

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