Subcutaneous Fat Can Greatly Change A Person: 13 Amazing Transformations


January 16, 2018 13:02 By Fabiosa

Weight loss can change a person beyond recognition! Moreover, while some transformations deserve only admiration and respect, others are more disappointing. Women should realize that they don't need to aspire to look like a model. Sometimes, people look equally attractive without torturing themselves in pursuit of weight loss. But if you are going to transform from a larva to a butterfly after taking a victory over extra pounds, go ahead and do it!

1. Three years and 90 kg behind! The result is absolutely fabulous!

2. The second guy is much more handsome, isn't he?

3. The cute girl transformed into a real beauty!

4. How do you like the hot guy on the right?

5. Hey people! Did you bully this guy for his extra kg? It's time to be envious!

Today is my 5th year on Reddit and the 5th year of my weight loss journey.

6. No comment.

7. They decided to change themselves after the birth of their baby. As a result, they lost a total of 38 kg together!

8. It took her a year and a half to get from 61 kg to 54! And she has been maintaining her weight for the past 3 years! Amazing, isn't it?

9. Honestly, this is one of the most impressive transformations ever.

ifinallyfoundanamethatwasntinusethankgod /

10. This girl did the impossible!

Публикация от KimPossible (@kimberfitgirl)

11. Weight loss can work miracles!

12. Her beautiful facial features are revealed!

Публикация от Shantel (@shrinking_shantel)

13. It took her 5 years to lose weight, and now, she looks 15 years younger!

F/26/5'0 My highest weight five years ago, and now. It's worth it. I am unsure of total lbs lost.

If you still doubt whether you should start working on your body, doing sports, and maintaining a healthy nutrition, these transformations can be a source of inspiration for you!

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