According To Experts, Leah Rose And Ava Marie Clements May Become The Most Beautiful Twin Girls In The World

Date January 17, 2018

Beauty is a complex and multifaceted concept. Just like its standards, it is unique according to each person's taste. Some people pay special attention to solely physical beauty, others find beauty in those who have a unique inner world. However, it seems to us that everyone agrees with the fans of Leah Rose and Ava Marie Clements. They are new Instagram stars, and experts predict that they might have a great future to look forward to.

The baby girls were born on July 7, 2010, four and a half weeks earlier than their due date. The babies turned out to be very strong and caught up in growth and development with their peers born at the right time. Their mother, Jaqi Clements, is sure that the very fact they were born earlier made them real fighters who are cheerful, inquisitive, and purposeful.

Ava and Leah are identical twins, which is not so rare nowadays. By the time of the twins' birth, their parents had already been bringing up their charming little son Chase Robert, and their double happiness upon the twins' arrival was made even greater when they realized how amazing the beauties look like. Jaqi mentioned that both relatives and total strangers noticed the wonderful beauty of the girls and told her that it was worth thinking about a future in modeling.

At first, the babies' mother didn't like such advice as she wasn't fond of the idea of her daughters having to work hard in their early childhood. But, the parents did decide to have a few memorable photo sessions for the family album.

Looking at the photos after some time, the Clements were fascinated by how astonishingly photogenic Ava and Leah were. The sisters looked very organic, behaved naturally in front of the camera, and even enjoyed the photo sessions.

Last year was a turning point for Jaqi. Unexpectedly for the mother, the girls matured emotionally. Moreover, they were interested in trying out the modeling business. Finally, surrendering to persuasions, their mother created an Instagram account where she posted her daughters' photos from time to time. In just a few months, they became very popular, and the number of their followers rapidly rose up to 235,000 and still continues to increase. Is it even worth mentioning that the little beauties were also noticed by managers?

Today, they work with two modeling agencies and participate in photo sessions for children's brands. Their elder brother Chase keeps up with them too. Realizing that the boy had also inherited genes of rare beauty and photogenicity from his parents, Jaqi created an Instagram page for him as well.

In spite of the growing popularity of the children and an increasing number of work offers, the Clements are very caring and do their best to protect the kids' peace. Their mother and father are careful to ensure that the photo sessions do not hinder the process of their natural development (education, participation in various activities, and elective classes) or limit the children's simple joys. Their parents believe that a happy childhood depends on these very factors.

A modeling career is very difficult as it demands constant self-development and dedication. When a child has all the chances of success in the future, their parents shouldn't refuse them. However, in such a case, they should follow the Clements' example and leave their own ambitions behind in order to protect their children from the undesirable consequences of popularity.

Source: clementstwins / Instagramcut2thischase / Instagram

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