Mother Of 4 Found An Original Method To Help Her Son Stop Feeling Anxious

Date November 23, 2018

Liz Petrone is a young mother of four children who loves yoga, dreaming, traveling, and has a personal blog dedicated to maternity, raising kids, and family relationship matters. Her Facebook page has more than 8,000 subscribers who check her new publications with great pleasure. The secret of this woman's popularity is very simple: she doesn't give advice but rather shares her experience, the confusing situations in her life, and most importantly, she does this honestly and in an informal way of communication.

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Due to her own experience, Liz knows for sure that all children are different. She is bringing up 4 children of different genders and ages and constantly encounters not only pleasant and joyful moments but also real grief.

Luca is a wonderful 4-year-old boy who started attending school last year. As we have already mentioned, all kids are different. Some of them momentarily forget about everything else once they get on the bus and meet their friends, while others get depressed and experience anxiety and hardship due to being separated from their parents. This is the case with Luca, who cried bitterly every morning, and his mother's heart broke every time her baby's face appeared behind the glass of the school bus.

From the first day of school, Luca kept asking his mother when Christmas time would come. And one day, Liz came up with a simple solution. As usual, she accompanied her son to the school bus. As soon as the boy's face expression started to change, she got a fountain pen out of her pocket and painted a small heart on Luca's wrist.

When the boy stared at his mother with eyes full of questions, she told him a few simple phrases that, although only a temporary solution to the problem, would still make his day more cheerful than the ones preceding.

I know, at times, it's really hard. When you feel that you're in such a moment, look at this heart and remember that there is someone at home looking forward to you coming back no matter what happened. Someone loves you very much.

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Before that, Liz gently touched the veins under the delicate skin and told him that the blood flowing inside made their bond inextricable. Luca is an impressionable child and has experienced anxiety for seemingly insignificant reasons. However, Liz has always done her best to find a way of showing him that she thinks of him even when they are far from each other.

Filled with hope, the woman watched how her son approach the bus. She was unsure what to expect: unexpected laughing or usual crying. But the boy peacefully took his place and didn't even look at his mom. Instead, he was closely looking at the small heart on his wrist.

Over time, Liz began using this sign not only as a sign of her and Luca's bond but also for her whole family, including herself.

Of course, Petrone realizes that sooner or later the heart sign will stop 'working' for her son. But as long as this method of showing her love works, she will keep painting a heart on her son's hand every morning. With this simple trick, she reminds Luca of her endless love for him.

Children may feel anxiety for many reasons, such as discomfort or visiting certain places with certain people, high or contradicting demands on themselves or on the part of the surrounding adults, lack of information for understanding the situation, and the ability to adopt a manner of response from their parents who also feel anxiety. We are sure that there is nothing like this in Liz's family, but boys aged 3-10 are more prone to experience anxiety than girls. Parents should take this fact into account when forming a strategy for raising their children; they should show them their love and actively praise them. 

Realizing that there is someone honestly believing in us and waiting for our return gives us strength to overcome anxiety and fears. In the case of children, it also reassures them that they are wanted and loved irrespective of anything going on at school.

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