5 Shades Of Hair Color That Are Always Popular

Date January 23, 2018 13:57

While reading a glossy magazine, you involuntarily think, ''I can't keep up with trends.'' And still, a very feminine part of you inside asks, "How shall I dye my hair?" Stylists claim that there are five shades of hair color that can be classified as 'always popular'. So, let us present these classics using celebrity examples, and you can decide which one you want your colorist to try on your hair.

Raven's wing


Kendall Jenner is a model with a cold, clear color of her hair. It's worth noticing that it doesn't look dull at all because she takes good care of her hair and regularly cuts the tips.

The blue-black shade shines beautifully. Note, straight hairstyles are an ideal pairing with this color.



This color usually suits all types of girls and looks very bright. Kate Middleton's hair shade is a great example. Her hair looks luxurious in any photo!



This shade creates a fresh, young, and attractive image. It's not a coincidence that men consider red-haired girls to be the most seductive.

An important thing to note: the shade should be prone to orange and not red notes, just like it is with Lana Del Rey.

California highlights


Jennifer Aniston hasn't changed her hairstyle for a long time. It is a good decision!

To describe her hair color in detail, it is a light brown background shade with caramel flares. This kind of tone looks very light, natural, and also highlights the face favorably.



Platinum is bright and unnatural. Moreover, keeping it in an ideal state isn't that easy. However, wheat blonde is perfect. Here is a picture of Margot Robbie to inspire you!

In combination with light waves, the hairstyle is gentle and natural.

These five universal shades won't let you down. Choose one of them!

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