Kate Middleton Is 36. The Duchess' Birthday Celebration And The Happiest Moments Of Her Life

Date January 23, 2018 14:25

Kate Middleton is turned 36 on January 9, 2018! The Royal Highness gave herself a wonderful gift - she freed herself from all her royal duties and celebrated her birthday with Prince William and children.

She officially returned to her duties the day after her modest birthday celebration. The Duchess of Cambridge visited the Reach Academy, where she spoke to the students and impressed everybody with her impeccable elegance.



This year is going to be special one for Kate. The young couple is waiting for the birth of their third child, who is due to arrive in April. Another anticipated event of the year is the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which will take place only a month after the birth of the royal baby. From January 30 to February 2, William and Kate plan to tour Norway and Sweden. Despite the fact that the Duchess will again become a mother very soon, she is willing to take on new responsibilities and continue her activity in the field of charity and patronage. Let us leave these plans for future and recall some of the most important events from the life of the beloved royal.

The history of William and Kate's love and marriage has been much discussed in the media. The couple met while they were in college. Both William and Kate studied at the University of St Andrews and were friends for quite a long time. In 2002, together with a few mutual friends, they rented a comfortable house close to the university. A year later, Kate broke up with her boyfriend. William and Kate's relationship became public in 2005.


In 2007, William and Kate parted ways, which greatly upset and frustrated the fans of the couple. Fortunately, they got back together just a few months after the break-up. November 2010 was a joyful month - William and Kate got engaged! Princess Diana's magnificent ring with a huge sapphire found a well-deserved owner! The Duchess has never parted with her favorite ring since then!

William, the heir to the throne, and Catherine, a girl from an ordinary family, got married in a magnificent wedding celebration. Over 2 billion people around the world watched the royal wedding celebration. Kate's luxurious dress, designed by Alexander McQueen, surpassed even the wedding dress of Lady Diana! Almost 7 years have passed since the memorable day of the couple's wedding, but some elements of the design of Kate's wedding gown are still used both by beginners and eminent fashion designers who cooperate with the world's best brands. According to some experts, it was this very dress that eventually put an end to the era of huge skirts and too many decorations, replacing them with restrained elegance and modern chic.


The couple's first child, Prince George, arrived on July 22, 2013. The very next day after his birth, the happy parents showed him to the fans of the royal family.


In September 2017, Prince George was already a schoolboy! Unfortunately, the young mother was not able to accompany her son on such an important day. Kate had some health issues.

The little prince's sister, charming Charlotte, was born on May 2, 2015.


Time flies quickly. A few days ago, Princess Charlotte started to go to one of the most prestigious kindergartens in London. Fortunately, Kate did not miss this event. The proud mother accompanied her royal daughter to classes and took some wonderfully touching photos of the little girl.

There is little place for privacy if you are a representative of a royal family. Of course, the world is happy to see William and Kate sharing the most memorable moments of life with their faithful fans, who constantly look forward to any news about the popular couple. However, we do hope that the spouses can still find time to enjoy some quiet and peaceful family happiness on the other side of cameras.

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