Power Of Makeup: A Specialist Turns His Elderly Clients Into Beauties

Date January 24, 2018

Today, 32-year-old makeup artist Anar Agakishiev is known all over the world. He was born in Tbilisi, Georgia and has been interested in fashion since early childhood. Following his parents' advice, the young boy went to medical school but didn't graduate as the desire to make women beautiful surpassed his aspirations for higher education.

In 1999, Anar Agakishiev started his career as a hairdresser. Later, he participated in makeup master classes and seminars in Spain, Germany, and Italy, and in a short time, he had become an expert in this field.

Anar works with the leading stars of Azerbaijan and other celebrities of the world. Among his clients are Irina Shayk, Nicole Scherzinger, Alsu, Sofiko Nijaradze, Sinem Kobal, Nebahat Cehre, and many others.

Besides his work with celebrities, Anar also has a 'Before/after' project on Instagram where women with unusual appearances participate. Some transformations are so incredible that the makeup artist is obliged to post video proof of his work as many subscribers think it's just Photoshop.

Anar also has a 'Miss month' project where he posts photos of elderly women before and after their transformations. Thanks to the makeup artist's talent, the clients look 10, 20, and even 30 years younger than their real age. Below you can see 'Miss March'. 

And here is 'Miss April'.

'Miss June' is 61 years old, but who could ever tell it from the photos? The makeup artist captioned the photo, 'Most importantly, my darlings, remember that if there are some flaws on your face, be it pimples, scars or pigment stains, they are no reason to feel down'.

The transformations take at least 2 hours and also include the hairstyles. The makeup artist manages to cover wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.

Here is 'Miss October'.

80-year-old 'Miss November'.

When asked to reveal the secret of such amazing results, Aran answered, "I tremendously enjoy my work and probably, that's the whole secret. 50% cosmetics, 50% my talent and a woman who's almost 70 years old looks 30 years younger than her age."

'Miss December', who's 80 years old and looks way younger, is a confirmation of his opinion.

Women want to look beautiful at all ages, and Aran Agakishiev is here to help them. By the way, the makeup artist did all the transformations for the 'Miss Month' project for free.

Source: anar_agakishiev / Instagram

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