11 Incredible Makeup Transformations By Gohar Avetisyan

Date January 24, 2018

Recently, internet users have been actively discussing a video where the Russian singer, Anna Sedakova, transforms from an ordinary girl with minor skin flaws, into a real beauty. It was all done with the help of makeup done by the Russia-based popular makeup artist, Gohar Avetisyan. The transformation of the popular singer caused real excitement among her followers.

Each time, it is extremely interesting and pleasant to trust my make-up to super stylist Gohar Avetisyan!

This is the description Sedakova added to her video on Instagram.

Today, we want to tell you a little about this talented makeup artist and show some of her other amazing work!

Gohar Avetisyan is an Instagram star and the most popular beauty blogger in Russia. Gohar's makeup works miracles! Her magical hands can help hide even the most obvious flaws and transform any girl into a real queen!

Gohar runs her own microblog where she regularly shares photos and videos of her work. When you look at these transformations, you will start to doubt whether the makeup artist is really posting before-and-after photos, or if you are seeing completely different people.

Gohar's love for beauty and her talent to make people beautiful has made her a real star. She has over 4.5 million followers on Instagram. The girl is only 24, but she already has her own makeup school, a cosmetics store, and a big team of makeup artists.

We suggest you scroll down and look at these 11 videos featuring the most amazing transformations by Gohar.

Gohar admits that she is absolutely in love with her work:

I have the best profession in the world. And let people say that the girls don't look like themselves in the "after" photos. But I can't express my emotions when I help a girl or a women feel like the most beautiful one on the planet!

We are absolutely excited about what Gohar Avetisyan is doing! She is a kind fairy who gives women the opportunity to have tremendous transformations. If you like Gohar's work, go ahead and share this article with your friends!

Source: goar_avetisyan / Instagram

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