Woman Returns Christmas Tree To The Shop After The Holidays Because 'The Tree Was Dead'

Date January 29, 2018

The United States of America is a country where human rights are given the highest priority. Sometimes, however, it provokes the most confusing situations. In one branch of Costco, a strange thing happened. You won't believe this, but a woman went to the shop on the 4th of January to return the Christmas tree that she had bought 10 days before. The woman justified her unusual request by saying that the 'the tree was dead' and should be returned to the shop. Brace yourselves for more to come! As strange as it may seem, having checked the receipt, the sellers gave her back all the money spent on the purchase of the Christmas tree.


A man standing in the queue took a photo and posted it on Facebook. He didn't show the woman's face but genuinely expressed his discontent about the situation and added that maybe, the woman had some financial problems.

If I hadn't been there and hadn't witnessed the situation myself, I would never believe that a person might have such low moral values or be so shameless. My heart breaks at the idea that she needed that money so desperately that she lost her common sense and self-respect.

Still, the woman's act doesn't contradict the policy of the company, which guarantees that a purchaser can return practically any product bought from the shop and get their money refunded.

Публикация от Costco (@costco)

One Facebook user even went further and said that it's a very common thing,

My sister works at Costco and can confirm that people do this all the time. They can even demand the return of their money without giving back the product.

Публикация от Costco (@costco)

The story went viral on social sites and the majority of the users criticized the woman's behavior. However, there were also people who truly admired her wit. What's your opinion of her behavior? Write it in the comments!

Source: ABC7 News - SF Bay Area / YouTube

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