Story Behind Wedding Ring Placement: Why It Is Worn On The Ring Finger?

Date January 25, 2018 13:53

Wedding and engagement rings as symbols of love and commitment are worn on the fourth finger on the left or right hand. It is a tradition dating back to ancient times. Have you ever wondered why, and are there the same symbolic meaning could have been attributed to another piece of jewelry, like a necklace, a bracelet, or a pair of earrings? There is a beautiful and poetic metaphor: rings are "endless" or "no beginning and no end" circles, this is why they symbolize eternal love, commitment, and marriages that are meant to last forever. But why do married couples wear their wedding rings on the fourth fingers?

There was a belief attributed to Greeks, Romans, ancient Egyptians and Persians that a nerve or a vein ran from that finger to the heart. Calling it "vena amoris," or "lover's vein," to symbolize a special connection between the hand and the heart, this traditional belief is what the wedding ritual has originated from — to stay well beyond the medical discoveries debunking the "lover's vein" myth. 

Today, couples from different countries wear wedding and engagement rings on their right or left hand, but the choice of finger for the ring to be placed on is mostly the same. There is a lovely and touching story explaining why we still keep following this old custom.

Why does the ring finger have such a unique name and mission?

Place your hands together and bend your middle fingers as shown below.

Your thumb represents your parents.

Your index finger represents your siblings.

The middle finger represents yourself.

The ring finger represents your partner/spouse.

The pinkie represents your future children.

Try to pull each finger apart while still keeping your hands together.

You will see that your thumbs will come apart  because you will not be with your parents forever.

Your index fingers and pinkies will also pull apart easily, representing the same you are not destined to be with your siblings or your children forever as they will leave to start a family of their own.

However, it is impossible to separate the ring fingers, as you and your spouse are meant to be together for a lifetime!

At least, that's how the story goes  for the more logical and practical explanation, it is that most people are right-handed, so the ring is likely to be less scuffed or damaged when worn on the left hand, which is not used as much as the right hand. However, it is solely up to you on which hand and finger you wear your wedding ring, and it doesn't matter as long as there is love between you and your spouse.

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