Cindy Crawford Shares Video Of Exercises That Help Her Maintain Her Beautiful Body Shape

Date February 4, 2018

Only a truly luxurious woman can become a supermodel. Each of us has an individual perception of beauty, ideal body shape and harmony with one's own self and that's how it should be. To live life to the fullest, you should accept your body the way it is. However, there is a special category of celebrities who want to show by their own example that age is no barrier for a thriving appearance. Undoubtedly, maintaining youth and staying in shape demands great effort, but we all know that there is nothing impossible if the goal set deserves the effort.

Cindy Crawford is one of the most famous women in the world, with a perfect appearance. Taking a look at her, it's hard to believe that she's more than 50 years old and has brought up 2 children, who also have huge expectations in the modeling business.

Sport has always been an inseparable part of the supermodel's life. For 30 years she has regularly trained and finds cardio and weight exercises the most optimal for her body.

Of course, doing sports is more effective if you have an expert instructor. Her desire to keep on training surpasses her intense work schedule, family duties and public activity. As a result, in recent years, Crawford has done a full workout once a week under the supervision of famous instructor Sarah Hegemon. 

A few days ago, Cindy posted a video on her Instagram page which could help any modern woman. According to the supermodel, this combination of exercises contributes to the development of all the major muscle groups and allows you to effectively and correctly pump your legs, press, buttocks and biceps. All you need to do these exercises is a simple ball which will probably be found in most of homes. The essence of the training is to combine jumps, squats and power throws. In reality, everything is way easier than it may seem and we strongly recommend you watch this!

Appearance depends on many factors and genetics, eating habits, and lifestyle are considered to be the main ones. However, you can achieve good physical shape only by constantly work on yourself, as this method always justifies itself. Let's face it, looking like Cindy Crawford at the age of 51 would be great not only for your health but also for your self-esteem.

Source: cindycrawford / Instagram