Moment Of Nostalgia: 6 Best Melodramas Of The 90s

Date November 23, 2018

No matter how great our current life is, our hearts are sometimes nostalgic for the past. Let's look back at the nineties. That period was somebody's youth and somebody else's childhood.

Many films from the nineties have not lost their relevance and are still as popular as ever. It doesn't even matter that these films are a world away from today's special effects, gloss, and action. They still give us warm and happy feelings and emotions.


© Ghost (1990) / Paramount Pictures

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This is a romantic melodrama with a very successful cast, including Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, and stunning Whoopi Goldberg. A couple of lovers are returning home from the theater when a robber attacks them. Sam (Patrick Swayze) dies, and his ghost finds out that his beloved Molly is in danger. To warn and save Molly's life, Sam's spirit appears to Oda Mae Brown, who is believed to be a medium. Eager to know what happened further? Then, it's time to watch this film!

"Pretty Woman"

© Pretty Woman (1990) / Touchstone Pictures

Pretty woman, walking down the street... And the melancholic melody sounds in my head... "Pretty Woman" is a romantic movie about a meeting between the experienced billionaire Edward Lewis and Vivian Ward, a girl for one night. However, a night turns out to be too short. Behind the vulgar appearance and cheeky behavior of Vivian, Lewis sees a beautiful, fragile woman. Because he is busy all the time, "Pygmalion" entrusts his "Galatea" to his personal assistant Barney Thompson (performed by Hector Elizondo). This movie will really take your breath away!

"The English Patient"

© The English Patient (1996) / Miramax Films

They met too late... And it seemed like they were made for each other. She is a married woman, and he is a lonely explorer of deserts. A wonderful feeling flares up between these two hearts yearning for love. A feeling that is huge, unbidden, and forbidden. And despite all its joy, it brings pain and suffering to all three in the triangle. This is a serious story for adults since it raises questions about betrayal and devotion, passion and love, duties and principles.

"Never Been Kissed"

© Never Been Kissed (1999) / 20th Century Fox

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The film tells the story of a 25-year-old girl who has never had a single relationship in her entire life. Drew Barrymore brilliantly portrays the role of the main character, Josie Geller, who is a rookie journalist. The editor's office assigns her a story about high school students, their problems, and typical teenage life. Most importantly, the reportage should be scandalous, piquant, and necessarily in the first person.

"How to Make an American Quilt"

© How to Make an American Quilt (1995) / Universal Studios

Finn, a young student, visits her grandmother for the summer to write a diploma. Although being engaged, shortly before the wedding, she realizes that something is wrong in her life. Her summer trip partly becomes an escape and a chance to think about her life, understand herself, and consider the circumstances. Besides, the girl is eager to figure out what love is and where it comes from. Every evening, her grandmother's friends gather in her living room to make a large quilt together. This time, they are making a quilt that is going to be a wedding gift! And the women tell their stories of life and love...

"The Bridges of Madison County"

© The Bridges of Madison County (1995) / Warner Bros. Entertainment

In 1987, a brother and sister arrive at the house of Francesca Johnson, their recently deceased mother, to see the settlement of their mother's estate. All of a sudden, they stumble upon their mother's diary, where Mrs. Johnson's hand tells how 4 days can change the life of two people. Francesca, who got married 22 years ago, was unhappy. Once, a man asks her the way to the bridge, and this incident that seems meaningless at first glance gives birth to an eternal love.

Although these films are quite different, they all have something to learn from. So, if you suddenly feel an acute lack of emotional films, you should add these melodramas to your list of must-watch movies!

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