Bride-To-Be Says She Was Fat-Shamed By The Photographer Who Photoshopped Her Engagement Photos

Date January 26, 2018 12:17

Today, Photoshop may seem like a magic wand in the hands of an expert, but it is not a cure-all option, as any true professional knows. Nor is it a fix-it-all, especially if something doesn't need to be fixed.

Some people simply don't want their photos to undergo such graphical transformations, and they are much less likely to be happy when those come as a surprise.

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Katie Liepold and her fiancé were looking for a wedding photographer when an Ohio-based company offered what seemed to be a very attractive deal: 2 hours of wedding photography and an engagement shoot for $600. They weren't originally planning an engagement photo session, but as it was part of the package, the couple decided to do it.

On the day of the shoot, they enjoyed working with the photographer, Linda Silvestri. "We laughed, talked, joked and shared stories," — Katie recalls.

News 5 Cleveland / YouTube

When she began to review the photos, Katie noticed they were not what she thought she was going to get. Some of them were blurry, others had lighting issues or were taken at strange angles, but there was also something else that felt amiss. The couple didn't look quite like themselves, as they were Photoshopped to look skinnier. “She probably took like 30 pounds off each of us,” — Liepold said.

News 5 Cleveland / YouTube

Since that wasn’t what they asked for, the couple felt like it was really hurtful, but when Katie sent Linda a message saying that, the photographer didn’t apologize. She just suggested the couple cancel the contract. 

However, what Katie found the most upsetting was the photographer fat-shaming her in an insulting post on Facebook:

It is extremely difficult to get Pinterest-worthy lovey dovey pictures when people can't even get their heads together.

Katie’s response to this is that she didn’t pay money to have someone insult her and her fiancé online. There's another thing she points out:

Bad lighting and blurry pictures isn’t something caused by fat.

In pre-photoshop days, photographers would use some 'secret' positioning tricks to make people look skinnier in photos. People usually liked the result, probably not even realizing why. Mind you, these were the days when fat-shaming or body perfecting wasn't such an issue.

However, this doesn't mean it should be assumed that everybody wants their photos to look better than their real-life appearances. Those who have a positive self-image and love themselves or someone else regardless of size or body type should be respected and admired.

Katie and her fiancé certainly deserve better!

Source: News 5 Cleveland / YouTube

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