Romance Is Still Alive: 93-Year-Old Man Dines With His Late Wife's Photo

Date January 31, 2018

The touching love story of Clarence Purvis and his wife Carolyn Todd from Glennville, (Georgia) has touched the hearts of thousands of people. The unforgettable part of their story is that many years after his wife's death, the 93-year-old man still organizes dinners with the love of his life at their favorite restaurant.


He takes a seat at a table, orders their usual dishes, puts his beloved wife's photo on the table and shares his dinner with her.

She was always with me when we were living. She's with me now.

They got acquainted in 1948 when Clarence was 24 years old and Carolyn was a Glennville High School 16-year-old senior. In a year, they got married. It was love at first sight - a love to which they both stayed loyal until Carolyn's death in October 2013.


In 2017, Clarence celebrated his 93rd birthday. He is still active and helps the church community and neighbors. He never served in the army because he can't read or write but every year, he goes around several cemeteries in the vicinity and sets up the American flag on the graves of veterans, paying tribute to them.

For the last 13 years, the couple had dined in a Reidsville restaurant, where they were both well-known clients. Its owner, Joyce James, says that the married couple has become an inseparable part of the restaurant and of the small town where they were known as generous friends and hospitable people.

Now, everyone admires this man's incredible loyalty and love. In the meantime, other residents of the town try to guess whether they will be able to be as devoted to the love of their lives as Clarence, and the negative answers are way more dominant than the positive ones.


The couple had all they needed in life: family, jobs, love. The widower really misses his wife and does his best to keep her memory alive. Many photos of Carolyn stand in frames in their house and their living-room is still full of a million familiar nuances that remind him of her and fill his heart with warmth. Also, her favorite lamp is always burning. They lit it on returning home from hospital 5 months before her death.


One of his daily routines is visiting the well-groomed grave of his wife at the local cemetery. He visits four times a day! This is the only time he is alone with the love of his life and can tell her all the events that have happened in the town and of course, about his deep, unconditional, all-consuming love.


Many people suggest that he should find a new partner, but he answers, ''If I had asked Carolyn whether I could bring a new girlfriend to our house, she would have answered, ''Only if you want it, too''. That's how we communicated''.

Clarence is sure that there is no love like theirs on Earth. They were real soul-mates.

She wanted what I wanted and I wanted what she wanted.

Maybe this is the secret of eternal love. May this touching story help people appreciate those who are beside them and make every day memorable.

Source: Wtoc

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