How To Choose Pantyhose: Colour, Density, Print To Look Your Best

Date February 6, 2018 10:31

Pantyhose are an integral part of a 'female toilette'.  They can warm in cold weather and hide legs' flaws. They will also complete your image and help you follow etiquette rules. Even if you are a fan of trousers or jeans, you still need a couple of new pairs of tights in your wardrobe in case of an important event in your life. There are a few rules to consider when choosing pantyhose. First of all, pay attention to the density of the material they are made of, which is the 'den' written on the package (15, 20 ,40 ,100) as the higher the number, the denser the tights.

Nude pantyhose

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A classic option, if you want to look elegant. However, it is not always easy to find the appropriate color and density of tights that will determine how your legs and image look in general. Maybe, 'the nude effect' won't be achieved, but it will still be possible to get close to this criterion if you choose the most delicate tights. Ideally, they have to be as close to your natural skin color as possible. Avoid tights with glitter and 'tan' that visually add a few centimeters to the volume of your legs. Give preference to matte pantyhose of light shades.

Black pantyhose

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You might think that this is the easiest option with a universal colour that goes well with any kind of clothes. However, the danger lies behind all those seemingly suitable factors. Firstly, black tights visually add 'weight' to legs, while tights with a bit of shine also make you look fuller than you really are. Secondly, you should be able to match them with your look. For example, a blouse of a bright shade or bright-colored shoes won't look nice with black tights, if, of course, your aim isn't to shock people around you. It's better to follow classic rules and choose shoes of the same color shade as your tights and vice versa, first choose the shoes, then the tights.

Also, there's no point in wearing dense winter-type tights under a lightweight dress. Semitransparent black tights are appropriate to wear when going to the office, if, of course, the dress code allows it.

Coloured pantyhose


If you want to wear tights of a different color shade, then be extremely careful matching them with your other clothes. You need to have good taste to make the image beautiful and relevant. By having an image that mismatches styles and colors, it's very easy to give an impression of being someone who doesn't have any sense of taste. Do your best to avoid such situations.

Pantyhose with a pattern (print)

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Doubtful option. You should choose these kind of tights taking into consideration the fact that the print shown on the package doesn't always stretch the same way on the legs. Expectations and reality may differ disappointingly. This is true for both geometric and fantasy prints. Thus, wearing such pantyhose can turn your image into something ridiculous. Besides, it always makes choosing a top very hard. In creating such an image, you need to fantasize and have a sense of style.

Seamed pantyhose

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Something very specific in your wardrobe. To wear such pantyhose and look classy at the same time, you need to carefully choose other details of the image and do your best to make your legs and dress 'comprehensive' and combined. It can be retro-style, rockabilly girl, grunge. The only point to take into account is to avoid wearing these pantyhose with mule shoes or sandals. Also, be careful to have the seam straight without any curves and slides.

Fishnet pantyhose

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A tricky variant! These kind of tights, particularly when black, have a strong association with the Moulin Rouge! To avoid falling down into obscenity, the skirt or dress should be a classic length or a little above the knees.

Fishnet tights of bright colours are perceived as being much 'calmer'. Moreover, they can help you reach 'the nude effect', if the color is as close to your natural skin color as possible. Choose tights with a fine net for thin legs.

As it turns out, making the right choice of tights and wearing them elegantly is an art! You should choose this or that type of tights taking into account the event for which you are going to wear them. Let your legs feel comfortable!