4 Women Who Are Different And Defy Beauty Standards

Date February 9, 2018 12:25

The desire to look beautiful is in women's nature, but idealizing beauty standards often makes us forget these may have little in common with true beauty. The ever shifting false ideals focusing on slenderness, flawlessness, tanned skin, blonde hair, or pouty lips; the standards promoted by the fashion industry, TV, advertising and social media – they are just something that sells.

For most, beauty standards may be impossible to achieve or extremely hard to maintain. But while many women and men suffer from body image idealization, some have discovered a different kind of beauty – which defies any standards or expectations.

1. Jordan Bone

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Jordan was paralysed from the chest down after a car accident as a teen. She couldn't move her legs or her fingers, but instead of being confined to a wheelchair, she focused on the positives and on recovering. Jordan started her own beauty blog, which is a real achievement because ten years ago she couldn't even lift her arms up. Her beauty videos prove we can live a positive life even when faced with a negative situation.

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2. Lili Lo

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Lily Lutfrahmanova, a 22-year-old beauty and fashion blogger from Kazan, Russia, suffers from a complex genetic disorder known as McCune-Albright syndrome; a condition that affects normal bone tissue and leaves it with areas of abnormal fibrous growth. Makeup became her passion, and while she was once bullied and labeled as 'ugly', this hasn't stopped Lily from achieving her dream. Lili Lo has become an internet celebrity, and her video tutorials are now increasingly popular and an inspiration for millions of followers.

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3. Cacsmy Brutus (Mama Cax)

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This lifestyle and beauty blogger was diagnosed with cancer and survived, although she was given only 3 weeks to live. Mama Cax walks with a prosthetic leg and crutches after the amputation of her right leg. She used to feel depressed when trying to hide a generic prosthetic leg, but things changed when she started wearing different, stylish covers transforming her leg into a sort of accessory. This example proves that something that seems like a simple fashion choice may be a big step towards body positivity.

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Mama Cax has a huge following and writes a blog about travel, food, and fashion. She is an inspiration to many:

I am beautiful and I’m here to show you how beautiful I am inside and out.

For me, every day is an opportunity to make a difference and live a life with a purpose.

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4. Emily Jones

A rare autoimmune disease called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (a connective tissue disorder) has confined Emily to a wheelchair, turning her life into a daily struggle and filled with chronic pain. She has been reliant on a feeding tube since she was 19, but her medical condition hasn't stopped her from doing something she was really passionate about. Emily has always found the art of makeup application fascinating. While wearing bright makeup, it works wonders for making her feel happy and beautiful even with the tube on, the most important thing is that it gives the aspiring makeup artist confidence.

Emily's Instagram blog and her 44,000 followers prove that she has the ability to make her makeup dreams come true, despite everything she has to go through. A lot of people who are also reliant on feeding tubes have told her they are grateful to her for giving them the confidence they lacked to pursue their dreams.

All of these are amazing examples of confidence and passion being the fundamentals of true beauty that comes from within – as opposed to external beauty that has always been considered skin deep. They also prove that as long as you are alive, you can find something to live for, no matter how difficult it is.

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