Angelina Jolie And Jennifer Aniston May Look Different But Have Much More In Common Than You Might Think

Date February 14, 2018

The eternal battle between Angelina and Jennifer’s fans will perhaps never end. Instead of looking for how different the actresses are, let’s find what similar they might have.

It Is All About Personality

You will never have two similar minds when describing a pair of the most passionate Hollywood goddesses.


Angelina owns sassy, wild, and hot temperament, while Jennifer is rather tender, tranquil, and more equable. That is what you would normally say after meeting the girls for the first time.


The thing is that these women have actually more similarities than you may guess, so it is high time to cease all arguments and look at Jolie and Aniston from the same perspective.

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Actual Similarities

1. Both actresses continued their family dynasty and chose the occupation similar to their parents’ one.


2. Neither Jolie nor Aniston is monogamous. Angie was married three times and Jenny twice.


3. The girls were smart enough to pick up the icon of beauty among entire Hollywood, Brad Pitt, and then divorce him.


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4. None of the girls dye their hair and prefer their natural colors.


5. Both cuties are considered to be fashion queens. Layered hairstyle is Jennifer’s invention, while Angelina made it popular to wear pouty lips.


6. Jennifer is really attentive to her health, as well as Angelina. Both women are looking after themselves, and their immaculate appearance is a clear proof.


7. And the most important one: They hate each other greatly, constantly try to avoid accidental meetings, never look at each other, and never speak about themselves.

By the way, according to Gerard Butler's recent interview with Andy Cohen, Jennifer Aniston's kissing mastery is way better than Angelina’s.

Showing Respect

Both actresses are awesome, owning many peculiar advantages. It is not possible to give prominence to any of them, that is why it is necessary to respect both women, regardless of their past mistakes.

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