Son Got A Tattoo Of His Mother's Last Words

Date February 9, 2018

A mother is the closest and most important person in everyone's life. She is our sacred source of support, our best friend, and wise adviser. But this is life and it flows its natural course. Thomas Resch is a young man now experiencing a bitter loss.

In memory of his beloved mother, he decided to get a touching tattoo with her farewell words left in a note. Along the sketch, he also added the rhythm of her last cardiac activity stored in the heartbeat monitor.

Now the tattoo on Thomas's chest says:

I'm going to miss you a lot. I love you. Mom.

Tom told his readers:

She was in rehab working hard to get ability in her hands again, so her handwriting might seem imperfect, but to me, it's ideal.

Many subscribers expressed their sympathy for the loss and supported the young man's decision. One of the users also shared a photo of his tattoo where he had the last words of his mother imprinted.

Such a pity that these guys had to face this loss. However, they have to remember that mothers never leave and are always with us. Every single minute.

Source: thomas_resch / Twitter

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