Macaulay Culkin Frankly Answered Questions About His Relationship With Michael Jackson's Daughter

Date February 13, 2018 17:38

For most people, Macaulay Culkin is the cute little boy from the legendary Home Alone, that's why it's hard to accept the fact that he's already 37 years old.

The actor doesn't have children, but he has a wonderful goddaughter - Michael Jackson's daughter Paris. Looking at his Instagram photos, Macaulay's fans are sure that he's in a romantic relationship with the girl.

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In one of his recent interviews, the actor was asked directly about his relationship with Michael Jackson's heiress. Culkin replied:

I'm a godfather and I'm close with Paris. I'm warning you, she's under my protection. I'm like an open book in everything else, but when it comes to her. ... I love her so much.

The interviewer, in turn, apologized for the provocative question, and the actor said:

If we start talking about it, we'll come to a dead end. She's beautiful and smart. That's wonderful.

Paris and Macaulay do spend quite a lot of time together and recently, they even got similar tattoos. However, nothing can happen between them, as the actor has a girlfriend towards whom he has real feelings. Meanwhile, Michal Jackson's heiress is believed to be having a relationship with football player Chester Castellaw.

During that interview, Macaulay also recalled how he got acquainted with the legendary musician. At that time, he was 10 years old, and he was participating in a play, while Michael Jackson was sitting in the auditorium. As it turned out, Jackson had previously seen a film the young actor was in and immediately recognized him. From then on, they communicated and worked together a lot. And when the musician was accused of sexual harassment, Macaulay supported him and stood in his defense. After Jackson's death, Culkin started helping his children.

People like to gossip about celebrities. Still, thinking up dirty details about someone else's personal life is something worth avoiding.

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