5 Common Laundry Mistakes That Can Spoil Clothes And Washing Machine

Date February 7, 2018 12:45

Many of us do laundry once a week. Nowadays, this process seems so simple that it can be compared with the preparation of coffee: throw a soluble coffee powder (clothes), add some sugar (detergent), and stir it well (press the button). In this way, most often, you get a tasteless drink. The same happens with washing. To keep the clothing looking presentable, get rid of dirt and get clean clothes, you need something more than just choosing the right mode on your washing machine.

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We have collected the most frequently-done mistakes which need to be prevented so as not to damage your clothes and your loyal washing assistant.

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1. Not a minute of rest

It’s most effective to load the washing machine again, not letting it rest after the first wash if there are some clothing items left for washing. This will allow the use of heat from the previous cycle. In this way, you can reduce electricity consumption.


2. To button up or not?

If your clothing item has a lightning, it should be fastened before washing, so that it won’t damage other things. An item with buttons should be unbuttoned, otherwise the buttons can come off and the thread will quickly deteriorate.

3. The mystery of disappearing socks

Have you ever lost socks after doing laundry? There is no gremlin living in your washing machine and stealing your socks! If the machine is loaded too tightly, they are pressed against the edge and fall into a small gap between the rubber seal and the drum.

Washing machines do eat socks and mote

This is how it happens:

Sock mystery explained

To prevent this from happening, tie them together or use a special bag for washing small things.

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4. Clean the machine

Don’t forget to clean the removable compartment for the powder and conditioner, because the detergents can accumulate under it. After washing, don’t close the door, but allow the machine to dry and ventilate.


5. Don’t rub the stain!

Before putting the clothes in the machine, we usually try to wash the stale stain with all our mighty powers. But, if you don’t want a whole to appear, then it's better not to rub the stain. Take a piece of white cloth, pour a stain remover on it, and soak it until foam starts to appear.

These simple tricks will help you keep your belongings and washing machine in perfect condition whilst saving money, water, and energy.

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