4 Most Dangerous Things In A Kitchen

Date February 12, 2018

Who would have thought that a kitchen can be a dangerous place? Of course, there are lots of knives and sharp utensils there, but if you use them carefully, there is nothing to be afraid of. But there are certain things in every kitchen that are very ordinary and seem to be quite harmless, and we have never thought about how dangerous they can be.


1. Raw products in a fridge

Different types of bacteria can grow on animal products, so it’s important to safely store all types of them in a proper way. Raw products, for example, fish, generally lasts safely for around three days in the refrigerator.

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Safe freezing time also depends on the storage temperature. It is recommended to keep raw meat at a temperature close to 0°F (-17.8°C).

But the wrong temperature in the fridge is not our biggest problem. It is very risky for human health to keep raw products together with other products in the refrigerator. Bacteria which live in the animal products can easily pass to vegetables, fruits, and cooked meals. For this reason, it is necessary to store foods in a container and keep it on a separate shelf.


2. Sponges

We all use sponges for washing the dishes. It is very convenient, and besides, they are not expensive at all. But do you know that a kitchen sponge grows bacteria very quickly?

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Rinsing it doesn’t prevent harmful pathogens from multiplying. To kill bacteria, you need to wash a sponge in the hot water or put it in the dishwasher on the longest cycle. And don’t forget it is recommended to change a kitchen sponge every 10 days.

3. Cutting boards

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Raw meat, fish, and even fresh fruits and vegetables can contain bacteria that cause serious illnesses. Always use separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables. For your convenience, you can have boards of different colors, for example, a red board for meat, a green one for vegetables, and yellow for bread.

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And never use damaged or cracked cutting boards because cracks are perfect places for bacteria growth.

4. Pests and parasites

Are you sure your kitchen is perfectly clean and safe for your health? But even if you make a cleaning every single day, it still doesn’t mean there are no parasites in your kitchen. Mice and cockroaches can appear from nowhere, and even a good housewife can’t say for sure whether these parasites live in her house or not.

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In order to prevent cockroaches and mice, don't leave crumbs or food out in the open. Cockroaches and mice love flour, so take it out of the bag and seal it in a plastic container. They also love bread crumbs and other wheat-based goods, so store them in plastic or cardboard boxes.

If you already have cockroaches or mice, the best way to get rid of them is using toxic chemicals. But make sure your family members and pets stay away from the kitchen during disinfection.


Now, when you know all the ‘weak’ places in your kitchen, you won’t let them hurt your own health. Take care of yourself and your family members and don’t forget that health is above wealth.

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