How To Celebrate Saint Valentine's Day Taking Your Partner's Zodiac Sign Into Account

Date February 12, 2018

Want to celebrate Valentine's Day in a special way? Then here's a unique idea for you. Why don't you consider turning to astrology and taking zodiac characteristics of your beloved one into account? This is a tip that will definitely help you make them delighted.

So, below you will find instructions of what to do, based on the zodiac sign of your partner.

Aries (21.03 - 19.04): go to a concert or a sports event

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People born under this zodiac sign appreciate determination, sublime steps, and spontaneity.

If you want to spend lovers' day with an Aries, then amaze them by getting tickets for their favorite singer's concert or to a game of their favorite sports team. Your partner will surely appreciate the fact that you took their preferences and hobbies into account.

Taurus (20.04 - 20.05): plan a sensual massage for each other

People born under the sign of Taurus are fond of exquisite and unique things.

Therefore, it's best to spend Valentine's Day on pleasant sensual activities, such as delicious food or SPA procedures. Some people of this sign are prone to laziness, which is why planning a massage at home is a perfect option for those who don't feel like going out.

Another great idea for these gourmets is to prepare a festive dinner together. But keep in mind that people of the Taurus sign adore presents, so also pick up a bottle of expensive wine.

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Gemini (21.05 - 20.06): go dancing

People born under this sign love communicating most of all.

Thus, go to a disco or somewhere your partner can plunge into a party atmosphere. Any activity among unfamiliar people  will make a Gemini happy, even if it's just a night out somewhere in the city. They will enjoy mingling with people and becoming a part of a celebrating crowd.

However, don't be surprised if they express a wish to take someone else with them!

Cancer (21.06 - 22.07): spend the night at home

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The sensitive nature of people born under this sign makes them highly selective of their communication circle. Therefore, you will most likely spend this day alone together.

The best choice is a really romantic intimate dinner in Cancer's home, during which your partner will have the chance to enjoy the unity of your souls. After that, you can spend a wonderful time cuddling up on the couch, watching a romantic film which you both like.

What you do on Valentine's Day is not what really matters. The most important thing is to organize everything so that Cancer has pleasant memories of the day!

Leo (23.07 - 22.08): visit a fashionable party dedicated to Saint Valentine's Day

People born under this sign are fond of appearing in public to shine with all of their nature. Don't even try to keep them indoors!

If you want to spend an ideal Saint Valentine's Day with a Leo, then visit a festive event. Often, many parties are organized during this period, so you can simply choose one and visit it.

Moreover, Leo will surely put on their best dress, so be prepared to look as good!

Virgo (23.08 - 22.09): invite them to their favorite restaurant

People born under this sign often worry about trivial things, so make sure you plan everything beforehand.

A Virgo partner is prone to tracking everything carefully, such as how well you do this or that thing. Therefore, planning is the key point to preparation. This zodiac sign will be endlessly grateful to you when they realize how much time you have spent organizing something special.

As a rule, Virgos are quite unpretentious, which is why you can avoid making an effort to do something great - it's better to invite your partner to their favorite restaurant.

Libra (23.09 - 22.10): visit an art gallery or theatre

People born under this sign are very hard to make angry. Thus, it's likely that the time you spend together will be wonderful.

It's important to frankly ask a Libra what they want to help you decide on something concrete. This sign is famous for their passion towards romance and beauty. So, take them to a place where they can enjoy looking at things that are aesthetically pleasing, such as a gallery opening or an art show.

If you want to spend time in the open air, then a place with a beautiful panorama will also do!

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Scorpio (23.10 - 21.11): do something unusual in the bedroom

Although people born under this sign are capable of being attentive, sensual lovers, they find it hard to express their feelings.

It's extremely important to prepare for the festive date beforehand. Write a touching poem or make a playlist with your partner's favorite songs. Your actions will prove that you deeply understand Scorpio's soul.

Whatever you decide to do together with your Scorpio on Saint Valentine's Day, go somewhere you can simply enjoy being close to each other. Accept this as a prelude to the intimate continuation of the evening which will surely happen!

Sagittarius (22.11 - 21.12): go skating or just take a walk

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People born under this sign are always in movement and enjoy their activity.

When celebrating Saint Valentine's Day with a Sagittarius, you can suddenly find out that you're in the middle of doing something completely different from what you've planned. Any type of activity, such as walking or playing together, will do! If it's too cold outdoors, find a way of having adventures indoors. It can be rock climbing or ice rink.

Do your best to spend this special day carelessly and happily!

Capricorn (22.12 - 19.01): present them with a gift that they've been dreaming of

People born under this sign are reasonable and realistic, that's why they will appreciate practical gifts.

In reality, Capricorns will be happy for any gift you give. You can even offer to go shopping with your partner to buy whatever they want.

A personally prepared dinner by candlelight will also make your Capricorn happy. They are able to appreciate the time spent sitting or talking to their beloved one.

Aquarius (20.01 - 18.02): visit a comedy show in the company of mutual friends

People born under this sign like unusual gifts, that's why it's quite hard to make an impression on them.

The best option is to simply ask your Aquarius how they would like to spend Saint Valentine's Day, and they will surely tell you. As a rule, people of this zodiac sign enjoy the company of friends and are capable of having a good time. Therefore, you can feel free to spend the day of lovers laughing at comedy shows with a crowd of people you don't even know!

But don't get upset! After this, you will surely have time for each other!

Pisces (19.02 - 20.03): prepare a romantic dinner by candlelight

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People born under this sign are very sensitive and a bit intuitive, so they know beforehand what awaits them on Saint Valentine's Day.

Although your partner is aware of what you've prepared, you still can't relax! Your Pisces is looking forward to a festive day, so make sure you give them an unforgettable experience.

These people enjoy simple things and can't tolerate being in a company of a lot of people. The best option for Pisces is a romantic dinner by candlelight at home.

As you can see, all the signs of the zodiac have their unique perception of how feelings of mutual love and attachment should be demonstrated. Knowing this, you will be able to organize a truly ideal Saint Valentine's Day for your partner!

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