Simple Yet Helpful Guide That May Help Understand Laundry Symbols On Clothes

Date February 12, 2018

Every year, the textile industry offers an increasing variety of fabrics. Surely, it’s a good news, but consumers do not always know how to take care of such things. After all, the life of any clothing item depends on proper washing, bleaching, drying, and ironing.

According to the accepted norms, each piece of clothing, be it panties or a winter jacket, should be provided with a label indicating the material and recommendations in the form of special symbols. Without knowing them, such tags cannot help us decide how to wash a specific piece of clothing. That is why it is important to understand basic graphic symbols to easily read any label.

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Let's take a look!


  1. Wash with gentle hand manipulation. The water temperature should not exceed 105°F.
  2. Wash with hands only at a temperature not exceeding 105°F. You can squeeze or wring an item but handle it with care.
  3. Pre-soak an item before putting it in a washing machine. You may use the hottest available water.
  4. Opt for either hand or machine wash at a temperature not higher than indicated.
  5. Dots and bars might be confusing, but their explanation is simple. The more dots, the higher the temperature can be. The more bars under the symbol, the milder the treatment should be.
  6. Do not wash. Look for dry clean instructions.


  1. It is acceptable to bleach using any oxidizing agents.
  2. Do not use bleach that contains chlorine.
  3. Do not bleach. Make sure your detergent does not contain chlorine.


  1. Tumble dry an item in a machine or use an electric dryer.
  2. Set low heat and tumble dry at a temperature of about 105°F, not higher.
  3. Again, the number of dots and dashes indicates an increase in temperature and a gentler drying mode, respectively.
  4. When drying an item, avoid direct sunlight.
  5. Tumble dry but without heat.
  6. Opt for vertical drying.
  7. Let an item dry on a horizontal surface.
  8. Don’t hand shape or smooth, opt for vertical drying.
  9. Don’t use a machine dryer.

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  1. You can iron and steam.
  2. Iron at a low temperature (about 230°F). Do not steam, especially synthetic fabrics. You can also iron an item through a layer of cotton fabric. Again, more dots mean higher temperature.
  3. Don’t steam.
  4. Don’t steam an iron.

Always read the symbols on clothing labels and choose washing modes according to the instructions to your washing machine. If you follow all the recommendations, then your clothes will serve for a longer time. Take care of them!

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